Top 28 Most Trusted Travel Agencies in Jaigaon

Jaigaon: The passage to Bhutan

Jaigaon is a small town in Jalpaiguri district in the state of West Bengal. Sharing the border with the ‘land of happiness’, Jaigaon is the main entrance to get in to Bhutan through India. Phuentsholing, the second largest city of Bhutan lies on the other side of the gate which separates the little town of Indian province from that of Bhutan. The tourists exploring Bhutan by road usually tend to spend a night on either side of the border as the entry passes are given in the morning from Bhutan.

Jaigaon is a mercantile hub, because the trading group from transporters to distributors, whole sellers flocks the local market, serving mainly to Bhutanese clientele and tourists. The little bustling town has so much more to provide in terms of exploring the other side of the mysterious mountainous kingdom of Bhutan. This little town accommodates a number of reliable travel agencies, through which you can opt for the best tour package to Bhutan at exclusive offers and prices.

Travel agency in Jaigaon caters to the need of each and every traveler desiring to explore the blissful and serene little kingdom. From booking a hotel to hiring a car, the experienced Jaigaon travel agency provides the excellent services in cost effective travel packages. Residing closer to Bhutan, the travel agents are well aware of the formalities and procedures to get in to the foreign land, they are well versed with Dzongkha language, English, Nepalese, Hindi, and Bangla, as compared to Dzongkha speaking clan. Thus, opting for Jaigaon travel agency would make your travel to Bhutan easier and a pleasant one. So, I am providing you the list of Top 28 Most Trusted Travel Agencies in Jaigaon, which you may prefer to choose for your next Bhutan tour.

1. B.K Tour and Travels:

B.K Tour and Travels

Providing excellent and exclusive Tour Packages in Jaigaon and in the major cities of Bhutan like Thimpu, Paro, Trongsa, Bumthang, etc. B.K Tour and Travels is one of the most experienced and the trusted travel agency in Jaigaon. Established more than 15 years ago, they offer Holiday Tour Packages, Domestic and International Air Tickets, Train Tickets, Hotel Booking, Car Rentals, and also the valid Entry Permits to Bhutan.

2. Travel and Living:

Travel and Living

Travel and Living is one of the most reliable and organized travel and tourism experts in Jaigaon. They specialize in arranging tours to Bhutan. You can rely upon them for making itineraries, managing budget, choosing activities and sightseeing places with in specific period, booking a comfortable hotel room, renting a perfect car, booking a flight and train tickets. If you are travelling to Bhutan, all the services mentioned here will be included in the tour package, which are time-efficient and cost effective.

3.Jaigaon Tour and Travels:

Jaigaon Tour and Travels

Possessing the experience for fourteen years, Jaigaon Tour and Travels is one of the reputed Jaigaon based travel agency. Their strength is their obsession with the quality, due to which they provide the excellent services to their clients. If you desire to explore Bhutan, then the travel package they provide is committed to your safety, security, satisfaction and flexibility. They believe that the excellent holidays is not just about seeing new places, but totally experiencing them.

4. Menorik Travels:

Menorik Travels

Menorik Travels is one of the best travel administrator based in Jaigaon that provides amazing experience of traveling to the tranquil and mysterious realm of Bhutan. The qualified and experienced individuals have a complete understanding of the travel formalities of Bhutan, thus they provide an excellent tour package and itineraries for those who are traveling to Bhutan at a very budget friendly cost, covering the major sightseeing places and the exciting activities to indulge in to within a stipulated time.

5. Ganesh Tour and Travels:

Ganesh Tour and Travels

Specializing in the field of tourism business since eight years, Ganesh Tours and Travels is one of the most efficient tour operators in Jaigaon. They provide excellent luxury tour which will cover the significant features that Bhutan has to offer. Achieving the expertise in sustaining the customer service, Ganesh Tour and Travels provides a wide range of customized holiday tours for Bhutan and other adjoining regions. They book the good hotels and arrange national and international flight tickets, train tickets and most reliable car rentals in Bhutan.

6. First Choice Tour and Travels:

First Choice Tour and Travels

Offering the best holiday packages, hotel bookings, car rental, and ticketing services, First Choice Tour and Travel is one of the most reputed jaigaon based travel agency. They provide quality travel service for various destinations like Bhutan, Dooars, Sikkim, Darjeeling and Nepal. Travel alone or travel in a group, travelling is always fulfilling and fun when you book your holiday with First Choice Tour and Travels. While travelling to Bhutan, they will also take provide you a valid permit for getting in to Bhutan.

7. Raj Tours and Travels:

Raj Tours and Travels

Raj Tour and Travels in an excellent choice for obtaining the best trip in Bhutan. It is one of the most reliable travel agency in Jaigaon which possess the experience of catering the needs of travelers exploring the realm of Bhutan and other regions. They assist you with your ticket booking, car rentals, hotel booking, organizing sightseeing and interesting activities in Bhutan. Providing the luxurious tour package at an affordable price, they cater the hassle free journey and tailored an itinerary, which makes your vacation a cheerful and memorable one.

8. Shalom Tours and Travels:

Shalom Tours and Travels

Shalom Tour and Travels specializes in a wide range of modified tour package for Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, and Darjeeling. Based in Jaigaon is it one of the most responsible and trusted travel agencies. Living closer to the realm of the mountainous kingdom, they are well related with the tour operators of the other side and thus they are well aware of the entry procedures and formalities of Bhutan. They also assist you in Hotel booking, car rental, air and train tickets reservation.

9. Maruti Tour and Travels:

Maruti Tour and Travels

Based in Jaigaon, Maruti Tour and Travels is one of the most expert and trusted travel operator. They offer an exhilarating tour packages to present you the best features of the extraordinary province of Bhutan. Their services are car rental, ticket booking for Domestic and International flights, trains, hotel booking, preparing an ideal itinerary, and availing the valid entry permit to Bhutan. Since many years, they have been providing their clients a unique and authentic, blissful, and uplifting experience.

10. Green Heaven Tourism:

Green Heaven Tourism

Specializing in wide range of customized services, vacation trips and exclusive holiday tours to Bhutan and Dooars, Green Heaven Tour and Travel operator in Jaigaon is one of the most reliable and professional service providers. Offering a perfect tour package at exclusive and budget friendly cost, they aid you in budget maintenance, organizing an amazing tour itinerary for you, your family and friends. We provide car rental service, air and train tickets, hotel bookings and other travel related service.

11.Manakamana Tours and Travels:

Manakamana Tours and Travels

Aiming at promoting tourism in India and Bhutan, Manakamana Tours and travels is one of the most reputed and skilled tour and travel agency in Jaigaon. They offer a complete, cost-effective and customized tour packages, presenting the best features of Bhutan and India. They deal in different tour package as per your desire. They organize Hotel booking, flight tickets and Indian Railway tickets. Other services like car rental service and any travel related services and provided by them at a very cost effective price.

12. Bhutan Travel World:

Bhutan Travel World

Among many other travel operators, Bhutan Travel World is one of the most reliable and experienced travel company in Jaigaon. Your journey towards Bhutan will be easier with the customized tour packages and exclusive services offered by them. Travel related services like Taxi services, hotel bookings, train and flight tickets, and trekking tours are well organized by them. Bhutan Tour and Travels, ensures a hassle free and perfect dream vacation in Bhutan.

13. Gemini Tours and Travels:

Gemini Tours and Travels

Gemini Tours and Travels in one of the best and reputed travel operator in Jaigaon. Sharing the border with Bhutan, Gemini Tours and Travels extend forwards their hands to aid you to explore the dragon kingdom of Bhutan. They have an immense expertise in arranging the tours to Bhutan; also they are well aware of the formalities and well versed with Dzongkha language, who can communicate well with the certified travel agents of the other side, in order to know more about the foreign land. They provide exquisite tour packages and all the travel related services at an affordable price.

14. Himavat:


Experience the mountainous realm replete with rich cultural heritage and history as far back as possible with Himavat, your complete eco trip planner based in Jaigaon. Trusted as one of the most reputed and reliable travel agency of Jaigaon, Himavat emphasizes to ensure that tours are the excellent value for money, and they strive hard in providing customer satisfaction. They carefully selects the departure dates that compliments a wide range of tour itineraries in various parts of Bhutan.

15. Himalayan High:

Himalayan High

Himalayan High is one of the notorious travel and tour operator based in Jaigaon. Aiming to promote the pure Himalayan Adventures, the Himalayan High is an excellent medium to enter into the realm of the mountain kingdom. The motive behind Himalayan High is to take people to experience the Himalayas by adventurous activities lie Trekking, Mountaineering, Biking, etc. Apart from the adventure, they provide support and flexible tailored made itineraries, and ensure a quality services to the wanderlust travelers.

16. R.S Travels:

R.S Travels

R.S Travels secures the most outstanding rank in travel and tour operation in Jaigaon. The tour package provided by them will satisfy you from within because they have been giving excellent services on holiday, educational, adventurous tours. Their travel package includes booking hotel rooms, car rentals, flight and train tickets, availing the entry permit to Bhutan.  So, come and get in touch and get the best planned trip for you along with each and every travel related service.

17. Agape Travels:

Agape Travels

Based in Jaigaon, Agape Tours and Travels is one of the most reliable tour operators in the border region. Focusing on the necessities of a client, they provide excellent tour package in Bhutan. Their tailored itineraries covers the most coveted sightseeing places and the thrilling and leisurely activities that one can enjoy without any haste. They aim at customer satisfaction. Their travel package includes permits, booking hotels, renting cabs, flight and railway tickets, etc.

18. Ragav Travels:

Ragav Travels

Avail to the best tour packages of Bhutan and discover the excellent destinations and the unexplored province of Bhutan with the aid of Ragav Travels. It is one of the most trusted and the most reputed travel operator in Jaigaon. They aim and emphasize in providing the excellent client service so that they can enjoy the cheerful and memorable vacation in Bhutan. Their exclusive services include sightseeing places, booking hotel, car rentals, and flight bookings and obtaining the permits.

19. Druk Tour and Travels:

Druk Tour and Travels

Serving the clients for many years, Druk Tour and Travel has gained one of the significant positions in the travel and tour world. Regarded as one of the best travel industries in Jaigaon, they cater to the demands and desires of the travels that are on a quest of adventure and serenity. They provide the excellent tour packages that catered the interests of the client at a stipulated time without constraining their budget. Your travel to Bhutan can be easier with Druk Tour and Travels, as they are committed and emphasizes in customer service.

20. Dooars Bhutan Tours:

Dooars Bhutan Tours

Dooars Bhutan Tours is one of the most prominent tour operators in Jaigaon. Catering to the needs of every customer for many years, they have become the experts in specializing the tours and travels in an excellent manner. They provide the luxury tour packages to Bhutan at an affordable price. Other services are car rentals, flight and train tickets, hotel booking, and availing permits for Bhutan tours.

21. Wind Horse Tours:

Wind Horse Tours

Serving the customers since 1998, Wind Horse Travels is one of the most established and famous tour operators of Jaigaon. Having an experience in the travel operation for more than fourteen years, they provide customized trips to Bhutan. With their expertise and dedication, they offer tailored itineraries that involve the major activities, celebrations, and adventurous activities, leisurely activities that cater to the interests of different individuals with various age differences.

22. Anand Tour and Travels:

Anand Tour and Travels

Specialist in Bhutan Tours, Anand Tours and Travels is one of the most reliable travel operators in Jaigaon. Keeping in mind all the requirements of the clients, they have customized travel package to Bhutan, which includes car hire, hotel bookings, flight and train bookings, sightseeing and shopping hubs, cuisines to try, activities to indulge in and other travel related services. The itineraries are hassle free and cover the most significant vicinities of Bhutan for sightseeing in a specified period of time.

23. Dragon Hill Tour and Travels:

Dragon Hill Tour and Travels

Dragon Hill Tours and Travels has expertise in the field of tourism, they are very reliable and professional tour and travel operator of Jaigaon. Their team has complete information and qualification of proper customer service, and values their choices and opinions. Thus the tour packages prepared here will give you the most memorable tour experience of your life in the mountainous kingdom of Bhutan. The tour packages they organize are affordable and time saving. They even organize adventure activities like Mountain Biking, Paragliding, Camping, Rafting, Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking, etc.

24. All Ways Tours and Travels:

All Ways Tours and Travels

Based in Jaigaon as well as in Bhutan, All Ways Tours and Travels is one of the most reputed travel agency that you can rely upon for your next Bhutan Tour. With their commitment to deliver the very best possible services they truly make you dream come true by far exceeding your expectations. They offer a wide range of tour packages like as per travelers’ interest and requirements.

25. Come On Holidays:

Come On Holidays

Based in Jaigaon, Come On Holidays is on of the most reputed travel operator that has been catering to the necessity of customers since long ago. The expert and qualified team always strive harder and best to meet the demands of the clients. So, if you want to have a pleasant and memorable holiday in Bhutan, you can opt for the tour packages offered by Come On Holidays, because the tour itineraries designed by them are flexible and affordable. Other services that are related to travel are available 24*7.

26. Eden Tours and Travels, Jaigaon:

Eden Tours and Travels, Jaigaon

Exploring Bhutan with ease and comfort is what every traveler dreams of. Well, let your dreams of exploring a new realm may come true with Eden Tours and Travels, a jaigaon based travel operator. Offering the travel related services; they have been heading towards the climax since long. The tour packages, tailored itineraries, car rentals, ticket bookings for flights and train, hotel bookings are the key services provided by them. They will also take charges of your valid tour permit to Bhutan.

27. Bhutan Kingdom Tours and Travels:  

Bhutan Kingdom Tours and Travels

Bhutan Kingdom Tour and Travels is one of the most reliable travel operator in Jaigaon. Offering a wide array of customized tour packages to Bhutan, they cater the best services to the clients. They aim in providing the exotic features of the mountainous Kingdom in order to make your vacation a blissful one. The tour package includes Booking hotels in Bhutan, Booking International Flights, car hire and other travel related supports and services.

28. Green Dragon Tours and Travels:

Green Dragon Tours and Travels

Green Dragon Tour and Travels is one of the best online travel agency in Jaigaon. The experts and group of professionals are available to help you choose the best travel experience of your life. They provide safe and comfortable trip to Bhutan, with exclusive tour packages and customized itineraries in sustainable price. You can rely upon their commitments without any hesitation or any tension regarding the arrangement of your tour. They arrange everything for your journey like booking flight or train tickets, hotel bookings and hiring a car. Besides, they will arrange sightseeing tours and adventurous activities.

So, above is the list of most trusted tour operators of Jaigaon. We suggest you to opt for the tour operators from Jaigaon, because as they live closer sharing a border, the travel agencies in Jaigaon are well aware of the immigration formalities for the tourists. Apart from that, the tour permit has to be obtained before entering Bhutan, thus it would be beneficial for the travelers to opt for Jaigaon tour operators for easily obtaining the permits and also the travel agencies possess a better knowledge about the neighboring region, their culture, sightseeing places, cuisines, must to do things, etc. and keeping those things in mind, and focusing on the desires of the explorers travel itineraries are being prepared. So, I believe you all will rely upon only the trusted travel operators for your amazing and blissful vacation in the Land of Happiness.

19 Helpful Tips to Spend a Memorable Vacation in Bhutan

Vacation in Bhutan

In the Himalayas between the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and India, Bhutan is a small country, besides the picturesque of its stunning natural scenery, and its enduring image of the country for most the visitors has its strong sense of the cultural and the traditional that binds the kingdom and that too clearly distinguishes it from its larger neighbours. It is also said as the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation in the world of Bhutan, and the profound teaching of the traditions remains as well preserved and exert a strong influence in all aspects of the life. Bhutan has been called as “The Last Shangrila,” due to its pristine environment and the harmonious society, as the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan.

The process of making Bhutan vacation planning as your visit to Bhutan can be divided, choosing your mode of the entry and then choosing a tour agency to arrange your hotel and Visa. After you’re choosing the package you will cover the second part of choosing as your vacation packages Bhutan. But as it is a landlocked country, so there are only two ways to get into Bhutan for your tour vacation is via flight or a drive.

Make Your Trip As Memorable Tourists Vacations Helpful Tips

1. Memorable Driving Your Ride via India:

Memorable Driving Your Ride via India

Without any of the hassle occurrences at this place Bhutan, which does not has any open border with the China, so the travellers can only drive into Bhutan from the southern side as there are only two entries point that is one from the Phuentsholing which is the main trade city in the Bhutan and Samdrup Jongkar. Mainly it will also take about 6 hours from these borders towns to reach your first main town in Bhutan. This could be your choices of the transport if you are planning just to visit the Eastern Bhutan such as the Merak Sakteng Trek for your vacation to Bhutan.

2. Tourists Attractions of the Peak & Non-Peak Periods:

Tourists Attractions of the Peak & Non Peak Periods

For the tourist to explore their vacation, peak tourist’s seasons are Spring: March-May and Fall: September- November. Particularly during the months of March, April, October, and November are especially busy. Visiting during these months are its best to book your tour packages and the flights tickets at least for 3 months which is ahead to ensure you’re as the reservations.

3. Ideal Time that you can take back with you as a Memorable Vacation:

Ideal Time that you can take back with you as a Memorable Vacation

During the ideals time to visit the place which is mentioned as above the places for more tourists tend to travel as they are the ideal months for festivals and trekking, which are naturally big draws, and if you want to avoid the crowds of the peak tourists period, then it is considered travelling during the non-peak period.

4. Peak Periods for your Bhutan Vacation:

Peak Periods for your Bhutan Vacation

At the time of the peak seasons from March to May and from September to November, it has its daily tariff cost of US $200 per day. This can be as your memorable time spent with the activities that you desire to explore is the best time to go for.

5. Non-Peak Bhutan Packages with the Cost:

Non-Peak Bhutan Packages with the Cost

Also, at the time of the non-peak season which is during the month of December to February and June to August, the daily tariff cost is US$ 200 per day. If you would want to explore your vacation plan but you have a tighter budget plan, then it is best to plan your trip during the off-peak months, so that it becomes effective for you to explore the greater areas within your budget of exploring.

6. Honeymoon Travellers Surcharge for the Group of 2:

Honeymoon Travellers Surcharge for the Group of 2

Travellers who are intending to go along or as a pair should keep in mind and should note the daily surcharge which can be as for, Group of 2 travellers is US $30 per person/per night and as for single traveller is of US $ 40per night. As per the group of 3 travellers or more, there is no surcharge. Honeymoon travellers with proper tour guide can also explore the best tour holiday vacation in Bhutan with your beloved.

7. Must Know the Seasons before you want to explore the place in Vacation:

Must Know the Seasons before you want to explore the place in Vacation

It depends on what you want to do and would like to see in the different seasons to make as your day long time memorable place and that would also make your dream of Bhutan as an enjoyable and a loveable trip. Winter and summer are a good time for you.

8. Adventure Trekking Time:

Adventure Trekking Time

If you want to include your Bhutan vacation packages as for trekking which will be best at the time of April, May, September, and October which are the months with optimum weather to explore your trekking adventure. But although it is colder, the skies are generally clear and blue, and most importantly at this month, it won’t be muddy. Unless for the short day hike for trekking, generally is not recommend during the monsoon season in Bhutan which is from July- August and during this time, light rain also for 1-2 hours in the morning is typical. However, heavy downpours are rare.

9. Winter Home to catch the Endangered black-necked crane:

Winter Home to catch the Endangered black-necked crane

As for Bhutan, winter is the good time to catch the endangered of the black-necked crane in their winter. Wonderful time for mushroom picking is in the Phobjika Valley and in summer. If you are here you can capture to seek solace or for spirituality reasons, there is even a Matsutaka Mushroom Festival, and to catch the glimpse of the rainbows which is over the valleys.

10. During a Festival you can time your arrival:

During a Festival you can time your arrival

The popular ones of the festivals are such as the Paro and in Thimphu Tshechu that happen during the high tourist’s season. But of course, there are numerous festivals occurring throughout the year in Bhutan. As for your memorable trip festivals in Bhutan usually showcases the colourful dances in elaborate costumes, with the Bhutanese in attendance dressed to their best and that to unsurprisingly, tend to be the huge tourists draws.

11. Other Interest of Festival Catering:

Other Interest of Festival Catering

There are also some of the ranges of other festivals, apart from the religious festivals that are catering to the other interests, such as the Rhododendron Festival, Black Necked Crane Festival, Royal Highlander Festival, Ura Matsusake Mushroom Festival and the Haa Summer Festival. If you are considering for a lesser known village, or for a more intimate experience you can go catering the interests of the festivals.

12. Travellers can consider as a Home Stay:

Travellers can consider as a Home Stay

To be frank, as for the travellers this is a suggestion which is often met with the mixed response, with that given the amount of the money spent on the trip. Also, the travellers would want to unwind in the comfort of the hotel rooms. Some of the others, however, also love the authenticity of staying with their local family and having the firsthand experiences of what daily like is to be for the Bhutanese.

13. Memorable to Build Up your Vacation:

Memorable to Build Up your Vacation

As the official language of Bhutan is Dzonghkha, but most of the Bhutanese are fluent in English as that is the medium so far for the educational purposes and so for communication which shouldn’t be a problem for the travellers if you are going around with an English communication guide.

14. Travelling by Car from Valley to Valley and Destinations to Destinations:

Travelling by Car from Valley to Valley and Destinations to Destinations

In Bhutan trip to make your days as a memory is in your car as much of your time will be spent in the car travelling to the various destinations.

15. Sightseeing Travelling drive:

Sightseeing Travelling drive

After driving through this country which is so beautiful and possibly experiencing a homestay with a local family, as considering your trip with a pampering, luxurious stay in a 5 star accommodation such as in Uma Paro, in where the actors Tony Leung and Carina Lau also got married, with their overlooking charming to the Paro Valley.

16. Handcrafted Stores to explore in Bhutan:

Handcrafted Stores to explore in Bhutan

Visitors who are travelling for the first time would be able to pay via the credit card and at most of the hotels and also at the handcrafted stores as you will like to visit the stores of the handicraft.

17. Why not enjoy the Music of the Place While you are in your Drive:

Why not enjoy the Music of the Place While you are in your Drive

To enjoy your music one of the best radio stations are for Western songs are 92, 965 and 99.9 FM. It will also give you the pleasure of listening and to enjoy the local music on other local stations on the radio.

18. Shopping Discounts at Bhutan:

Shopping Discounts at Bhutan

You can haggle out in most of the shops but you cannot expect more than the 10% discounts on your shopping. But generally speaking as for Bhutan shopping prices, between the shops don’t differ substantially.

19. Have the Local Dishes and take back the Restaurant as Your Memorable Go:

Have the Local Dishes and take back the Restaurant as Your Memorable Go

In most of the restaurants and in hotels, unlike as for the Western countries, you don’t have to tip in the restaurants, unlike for the Western countries. The guide with you will take care of the tipping on your behalf.

Distance between Jaigaon to Thimphu: 12 Driving Direction by Taxi

Jaigaon to Bhutan by Taxi

Planning for Bhutan! While you are travelling to Bhutan from India, for the trip you would like to know the adequate information about the country. So, it is necessary to get the helpful ideas about travelling from Jaigaon to Thimphu. A basic idea Indian traveller must know is that they do not required to get a visa, but need a permit, and are also not required to be in tour groups as in the case with the travellers from the other countries. Before you go around to the place, it is to come across a bit of the place Thimphu the capital of Bhutan.

Coming Across for Exploring Bhutan:

Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan is the largest city, which is situated in the Western Central part of Bhutan and the name of the surrounding valley is the Dzongkhang, the Thimphu District. In the year 1961, the city became the capital of Bhutan and with that as on 2010 census it had a population of 1, 04,200. As the political and an economic centre is the Thimphu of Bhutan, that has a dominant agricultural and also the livestock base, which contributes as of 45% of the countries GNP. Contributor to the economy by the tourism is strictly regulated and is maintained between a balance with the traditional and development and its modernization. Located at the North of the city, Thimphu contains most of the important political buildings in Bhutan, which include the National Assembly of the newly formed parliamentary democracy and the official residence of the king, and the Dechencholing Palace.

Pack Your Bag for the Travel: Helpful Ideas from Jaigaon to Thimphu Taxi

 1. Guidance of the Route to follow from Jaigaon to Thimphu:

Guidance of the Route to follow from Jaigaon to Thimphu

The driving direction guides just to reach on the following directions to Thimphu from Jaigaon. The straight distance that gives you the idea on the Google distance are: it is to head on to your North, turn right towards NH317A, side left onto NH317A, turn right onto NH317A/Sh12A/SH16, at the roundabout, you take the 2nd exit, continue onto Phuentsholing-Thimphu Hwy, to turn left, turn right, turn right and then to continue onto Phuntsholing-Thimphu Hwy. Turn right to stay on Phuntsholing-Thimphu Hwy, at the roundabout, continue straight onto Babesa-Thimphu Expressway. From which the trusted taxi service that you can choose for your ride is Travel and Living which is within your budget with a proper accommodation.

2. Birds view on your travel distance covered from Jaigaon to Thimphu:

Birds view on your travel distance covered from Jaigaon to Thimphu

Driving distances covered by miles is 106.9 from Jaigaon to Thimphu which is of 172 km. there are quite different ones that you can view which provide a bird’s eye view of the terrain on the road map that you can locate it from Jaigaon to Thimphu. To start your planning on your road trip you need to view the directions to locate the sightseeing places as well on your way. You can also view turn by turn directions driving from Jaigaon to Thimphu.

3. Come up to know the distance between Jaigaon to Thimphu:

Come up to know the distance between Jaigaon to Thimphu

The total distance between Jaigaon to Thimphu on the straight line is between the destination points, which is 1126 km (Kilometre) and of 738.48 meters. The mile which is based distances from Jaigaon to Thimphu is of 700.1 miles. Due to the curvature of the road, the straight line of its distance from Jaigaon to Thimphu, and most of the time of the actual travel distance between Jaigaon and Thimphu may vary.

4. Time difference between Jaigaon and Thimphu:

Time difference between Jaigaon and Thimphu

The universal time is the 5.232 Coordinated as the Universal Time (UTC) in Jaigaon and in Thimphu of its universal time is 5.98 UTC. The time differences between Jaigaon and Thimphu is of -0.748 decimal hours. It is to note that Jaigaon and Thimphu time calculation is based on the UTC time of the particular city. It may also vary from the country standard time, local time etc.

5. Travel time to keep a note from Jaigaon to Thimphu:

Travel time to keep a note from Jaigaon to Thimphu

It is a place, Jaigaon which is located around 1126 km away from Thimphu so if you travel at the consistent speed from Jaigaon to Thimphu distance of 50 km per hour you can reach Thimphu in 22.53 hours. Your Thimphu travel also seems to vary due to your bus speed or in your taxi speed, it is mainly depending upon the vehicle that you use.

6. Travellers must carry the Road Map of Jaigaon to Thimphu:

Travellers must carry the Road Map of Jaigaon to Thimphu

At the west side of the Thimphu Jaigaon is located, and in the given west of the direction from Jaigaon is only approximately. In the travel maps towards the Thimphu, you may also find en route hotels, tourist’s spots, picnic spots, petrol pump and the various religious places. In the given Google map it is not comfortable to view all the places as per your expectations than to view the street maps, local places.

7. Bhutan Government Shared Taxi from Jaigaon to Thimphu:

Bhutan Government Shared Taxi from Jaigaon to Thimphu

Shared taxi is the option and the fare is fixed by the Bhutan Government which is of Rs. 2600 for Thimphu. So the taxi drivers charge a minimum of Rs. 650 per head when they sit for 4 people. If you would like to hire the whole vehicle, you can also bargain a little and get it in about of Rs. 2400.

8. Type of Taxi You Should Hire as for your Comfortable Journey:

Type of Taxi You Should Hire as for your Comfortable Journey

It is advised and is suggested that you take either Hyundai Santro or WagonR vehicles as they are not comfortable for any of them to travel a safe journey as compared to Maruti Alto. The stand of the Taxi stand is at some distance from the border.

9. Shared Taxi throughout the day:

Shared Taxi throughout the day

If you are travelling from Thimpu to Jaigaon or from Thimphu to Paro (vice versa) you would always find shared taxi throughout the day and it is the busiest route for the shared taxi in Bhutan.

10. Rates of the Car as per fixed for the routes:

Rates of the Car as per fixed for the routes

It is seen that generally rates are fixed in Bhutan for all the routes. Drivers would quote you rates if you go to the taxi stand, they will rate more than the fixed government rate. But it may be cheaper through some of the competitions. Due to the rates much cheaper than the Indian consideration the difficult terrain was there that they have to drive.

11. Enjoy Your Delighting Sightseeing Place on your route from Jaigaon to Thimphu:

Enjoy Your Delighting Sightseeing Place on your route from Jaigaon to Thimphu

Bhutan is scenic with its natural beauty and the culture of the Bhutan has its strong sense for the tourists to visit Bhutan again and again. Major attraction places are Paro, Punakha, Jakar, Bumthang and so on. Travel and Living do arrange tourists transport vehicles in Bhutan also we do operate the tourist’s coaches, Toyota Coasters, SUVs in Bhutan and so for from Jaigaon to Thimphu. We are always happy to provide you the best in your tour without and hassle.

12. Drive that you can avail exploring Thimphu:

Drive that you can avail exploring Thimphu

It is to take a drive by taxi or by bus from the Phuentsholing to Thimphu which takes at an about of 6-7 hours. The private taxis and the buses are also available from Bagdogra, NJP, and Siliguri. The fare of the taxi from all these places ranges between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3000.the drive is along the National Highway 31 takes you the straight to the capital Thimphu via Phuentsholing, border the town adjacent to the Indians last frontier town Jaigaon.

16 Most Unknown Surprising Facts About Paro City Bhutan

In Bhutan, Paro city is the valley in the West of the Capital, Thimphu. It is a historic town with many sacred sites and the historical buildings which are scattered through the area. One of the most beautiful in all Bhutan is the Paro Valley which is wide and verdant and is recognized to stay at this beautiful place. One who is fond of nature and would prefer to stay in Paro to spend quiet and peaceful time. Paro is a place which also forms the “golden triangle” of the popular tourist destinations in Bhutan. However, apart from the main street, the area of Bazaar area is a nondescript hodgepodge of concrete buildings that is totally of charm and character.

Paro is overlooking the Paro valley, Rinpung Dzong a fortress monastery which is overlooking the valley and has a long history. It was first built on the site by Padma Sambhava at the beginning of the tenth century but it was not until 1644 that Ngawang Namgyal built a larger monastery on the old foundations for the centuries as the building served as the effective defense against numerous invasion attempts by the Tibetans.

Mysterious Interesting Facts about Paro, Bhutan

As we look Bhutan and to explore the facts which are officially known as the Kingdom of Bhutan. This is landlocked in the country of South Asia which is nestled in the eastern end of the Himalayan Mountains bordered by India in the South, East, and West and by China in the north. Here are few facts you may find interesting about this mysterious Kingdom in the Himalayas:

1. Landing on Bhutan, Paro:

Landing on Bhutan Paro

Paro Bhutan airport has been described as the “most difficult commercial airport in the world. The airport has only one runway and the airplanes on approach pass by 5,500 m Himalayan mountain peaks. Due to the extremely low-density altitude at the site as a result of which only a handful of airline pilots are certified to operate commercial airplanes there and about 30,000 persons arrive at the airport each day.

2. Traditional Architecture Richly Decorated:

Traditional Architecture Richly Decorated

The Duhgtsew Lhakhang is a 15th-century temple near the new bridge and the Ugyen Perli Palace is most visible through the fence and the members of the royal family lodge in the palace where passing. In the nearby of the old bridge is the Rinpung Dzong. The most notable hotels include the Olathang Hotel built in an ornate style. There is a complex of traditional architecture with its richly decorated buildings housing small shops, institutions, and restaurants.

3. Sleep at Bhutan Paro:

Sleep at Bhutan Paro

Some of the well known famous hotel at the heart of the city with the proper facilities and accommodation at Paro Bhutan hotels are Amankora, Base Camp Hotel, Bhutan Mandala Resort, Bhutan Metta Resort and Spa, Bongde Goma Resort, Dewachen Resort and so on.

4. Airlines Serving for Paro:

Airlines Serving for Paro

Paro Bhutan flights is an international airport that is located in the deep valley are Druk Air which is the (Royal Bhutan Airlines) which is the main airlines serving Paro Airport, that offers the flight to the Bangkok, Delhi, Dhaka, Kathmandu, and Kolkata. Bhutan Airlines now serves Paro every day from Kathmandu. You can hire a taxi from Thimphu and reach Paro in approx 45 mins, the drive of 30 km is very pleasant and roads keep on unfolding with every turn. Per week there are 2 flights which are of 30m duration.

5. Around the Paro Sightseeing Attraction:

Around the Paro Sightseeing Attraction

Paro Bhutan sightseeing main tourists sites are spread out throughout the valley a vehicle is required to get around. Taxis are available to hire inside the main bazaar of the places. The places to get around are: Taktsang Monastery, National Museum of Bhutan, Rinpung Dzong,Drukgyel Dzong, Drakhapo, Kichu Lhakang, Jangsarbu Lhakhang are places that can roam around.

6. Paro Bhutan Weather:

Paro Bhutan Weather

The climate of Bhutan varies with its elevation from the subtropical in the South to the temperature in the highlands and the polar-type climate, with a year-round snow in the north. Paro Bhutan temperature experiences its five distinct seasons that are summer, monsoon, autumn, winter, and spring. Bhutan has hot humid summers and cool winters; central and eastern Bhutan is temperature and drier than the west with its warm summer and cool winters.

7. No Smoking Zone Injuries to Health:

No Smoking Zone Injuries to Health

Bhutan is the first country to have outlawed the use of tobacco in the year 2004. Although in the year of 2012, the laws were loosened and smuggling now occurs. It is still rare to see people smoking on the streets but drugs and alcohol have been continued to be problems and the government has started a program to educate citizens of the country.

8. No Accommodation Provided for TV or the Internet:

No Accommodation Provided for TV or the Internet

On 2001 Bhutan has lifted its ban on TV and the Internet which is the last country in the world to do so. In the capital of Thimphu in today it is strange to see computers and cell phones in the hands of the teenagers.

9. Preserve and Protect Environmentalists:

Preserve and Protect Environmentalists

Bhutan is the only country and also Paro in the world where citizens have constitutional obligation to preserve and to protect the environment. You should visit Bhutan, Paro, before it gets changes.

10. Some Meditation with Unwind:

Some Meditation with Unwind

Bhutan and Paro are the perfect destination place to unwind and do some soul searching. For all those tourists who are looking for the spiritual guidance and peace of mind, attend a meditation session at the many monasteries around or even at your own hotel.

11. National Local Flavour Dishes:

National Local Flavour Dishes

The Bhutan favourite dish is Ema Datshi which is a mix of red hot chillies and yak cheese found in every meal across Bhutan. It is a must try dish delicacy and is also the national dish of Bhutan. Apart from the dishes with chillies, Bhutanese cuisine largely comprises chicken pork and beef.

12. Visit Tiger’s Nest Monastery:

Visit Tiger Nest Monastery

Taktsang Monastery is popularly known as the Tiger’s Nest, and is unofficial the symbol of Bhutan and also one of the most sacred pilgrimage sites in the country. Visitors require a special permit to enter the monastery which needs to be procured in advance.

13. Adventure Trekking of Paro:

Adventure Trekking of Paro

Paro is a place which is the hub for the adventure activities in Bhutan, ranging from trekking, mountain biking, to rafting and Kayaking. The Snowman Trek is one of the most exciting and challenging treks in the world at Bhutan. The best time for trekking is between the months September and October.

14. Achieved Paro for Its Gross National Happiness:

Gross National Happiness

Bhutan is the first country to switch from the Western ideal of the Gross National Product to “Gross National Happiness” which is achieved through the four foundations that are good governance, natural environment, sustainable growth and the cultural values.

15. Tourist Cost Per Person:

Tourist Cost Per Person

In the year 1974, the first international tourists were allowed into the Bhutan by invite only and today its fully open for the tourism but at the high cost of $250.00 a day per person. You must arrange all your travel through your government authorized tourist’s agency and once you arrive everything is taken care of from you transports and guide facilities.

16. No Traffic Lights at Paro:

No Traffic Lights at Paro

The capital city Thimphu has no traffic lights just white-gloved traffic officers. When the city tried for traffic lights and tried to install some lights there was a public outcry, and they were promptly removed.