12 Best Hotels in Bhutan You Should Stay At With Your Family

12 Best Hotels in Bhutan You Should Stay At With Your Family

Bhutan is one of secret treasure situated in the foothills of the eastern Himalayas. Scenic beauty and friendliness of people living there make this country one of the most highlighted destinations in entire Asia. Visiting this place is affordable by choosing some of the best hotels. Unmatched quality and captivating architecture look so fascinating that you will start enjoying your stay in this country which is known as ‘the land of happy people.’

Accommodation in Bhutan will meet your desires by proving all the modern amenities. The best part about visiting Bhutan is that you will find a blend of tradition with the touch of modern facilities. You can explore this blessed country by staying in the hotels in terms of making the trip enjoyable in true sense. Bhutan is considered as World’s first carbon-negative country and showers healthy vibes all the time. So, let’s focus on some of the hotels in Bhutan that creates the difference in making your trip remarkable.

Hotels in Bhutan to stay with your family

Taj Tashi

This hotel is considered as one of the best hotels in Bhutan that meets all your requirements with warm hospitality and genuine services. Taj Tashi is located in the lap of Thimphu valley and is ideal for visiting numerous monasteries and centuries-old street festivals. It is suggested to do the booking in advance to get a deserving room during your stay in Thimphu. You will find mountains, valleys and greenery all around that takes you close to nature.

Special Attraction:  Hot Stone Bath at the Jiva Spa and delicious Bhutanese cuisine along with the panoramic view of the prayer wheels from the Thongsal.

Contact: +975 2 336 699

Address: Samten Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan

Uma by Como

Uma by Como is situated near the bank of Mo Chhu River which maintains pleasant weather throughout the year. Punakha valley is known for its religious significance and natural beauty so staying in this hotel will give you all the good reasons to explore the valley. Valley facing rooms and elegant stone-alone villas make the hotel popular in the entire Punakha. Travel enthusiasts will love to stay in this hotel to explore exotic places and historic sites.

Special Attraction: Spa treatment at Shambhala and Bukhari restaurant that offers Bhutanese cuisine.

Contact: +975 2 584 688

Address: Serigang Kabesa Punakha, Punakha, Bhutan

Dhensa Boutique Resort

Nature lovers will find this hotel perfect from all angles because the location gives you mesmerizing landscapes and breathtaking views to preserve in your memory in terms of converting your dreams into reality. Stay relaxed and rejuvenate your mind and soul by reducing the level of stress and anxieties. Dhensa is a boutique resort to spend some quality time with your family in the search of solace.

Special Attraction: Paddy fields, trekking, river rafting along with traditional art and craft workshops.

Address: Wolakha Punakha 117, Bhutan, Punakha 13001, Bhutan

Le Meridien

Le Meridien is located in the heart of Thimphu and offers a spontaneous view of the Himalayas which is incomparable. You can enjoy the great culture and tradition of Bhutan along with the modern amenities. The rooms are spacious and hygienic with friendly staffs always ready to serve you with excellent services. You can easily communicate into other places by staying in this hotel which welcomes their guest with amazing hospitality.

Special Attraction: Bhutanese and other pan-India cuisines are available in the restaurant inside the hotel. You can also feel relaxed and rejuvenated inside the spa. 

Address: Thimphu, Bhutan

Contact: +975 2 337 788

Zhiwa Ling

The best part of staying in this hotel is that you will find every part of the hotel is handcrafted and designed in traditional style. Hand-painted walls and artistic ambiance gives you special feeling so that you enjoy your stay in a complete manner. The most popular and unique feature of this hotel is its state-of-the-art Swedish in-floor and a Buddhist temple built from 450 years old timbers. This is the only resort in Bhutan that gets a 5 Star rating.

Special Attraction: Tea house, meditation house and Yoga retreats that give you peaceful ambiance all the time. Don’t forget to enter the Madman Bar for enjoying some of the special drinks.

Address: Satsam Chorten, Paro, Bhutan

Contact: +44 20 3355 6302

Terma Linca Resort

Terma Linca is mostly known for creating a fusion between traditional and modern elegance by providing spacious and clean rooms. The rooms are placed in such a manner that you can watch the view of Wangchu River and mountains from the hotel window. You should book the hotel in advance for better availability of rooms. Excellent hospitality and a friendly atmosphere make you feel like home. 

Special Attraction: You can enjoy a lot of activities like cooking Bhutanese dishes, trying archery, river rafting and a well-equipped spa.  

Address: Phuntsholing – Thimphu Hwy, Bhutan

Contact: +975 2 351 490


Peace is the only thing that gives you the feeling of understanding the beauty of nature. Amankora which means pilgrimage of peace is a chain of hotels in Bhutan. You will find these hotels in five valleys of the country. This hotel is made with traditional architecture and located in the middle of the forest so that you will find peace and solace at the same time. 

Special Attraction: Enjoy Bhutanese oil massage and multi-cuisine restaurant along with the chance to visit other branches of the hotel in five different valleys.

Address: Near Kuenga Chhoeling Palace, Bhutan

Contact: +975 2 331 333

RKPO Green Resort

The best part of this resort is the incomparable Bhutanese façade. Green, red and yellow colors will give you the visual representation of the Dragon Kingdom. If you are health conscious then this place is perfect for you as it provides organic vegetables from the kitchen garden that maintains taste and freshness at the same time. It is counted among the top luxury hotels of Bhutan.

Special Attraction: You can enjoy the national sports of Bhutan i.e. archery and participate in traditional dance like mask dance.

Address: Punakha Bhutan

Drubchhu Resort

You can enjoy the best family time by staying in this resort that gives comfort and fun at the same time. The word Drupchhu is taken from a local spring which comes with healing properties. It is better to book your rooms in advance to find amazing views from the hotel window. Punakha is a religious place of Bhutan and you must respect the tradition and culture of the country while staying in the land of happy people.

Special Attraction: Enjoy trekking in the valley and paddy fields. Don’t forget to bath in the secret water of Drubchhu.

 Address: Punakha, Bhutan

Gangtey Palace Hotel

If you are looking for a luxury suite than Gangtey Palace Hotel is the ultimate destination for you because this is the only palace in Bhutan which is converted into a hotel. The architecture and appreciable design give you the royal feeling. The beauty of Paro can be viewed through the hotel window along with the Rinpung Dzong. This place is also suitable for taking pictures.

Special Attraction: Hot stone bath and breathtaking views of Paro valley.

Address: Paro, Bhutan

Contact: +975 8 271 301

The Swiss Guest House

Traveling towards Bhutan will find a new direction by staying in this hotel that shares a great history. Beautiful decoration and apple orchard look so amazing that you will feel relaxed and motivated for making the trip memorable. A bottle of draft beer and views of Bumthang is something that will store in your mind forever.

Special Attraction: Campaigning in the forest, hot stone bath, drinking chilled beer and apple orchard.

 Address: Bumthang, Bhutan

Yangkhil Resort

Yangkhil resort is located in the historic town of Trongsa and gives you the views of Trongsa Dzong and Taa Dzong. This place is surrounded by forest and mountains to give you the best feeling of Bhutan. You will find all the essential modern amenities to make your stay comfortable. The hotel staffs are excellent in providing services and help you in every moment instead of finding any difficulties.

Special Attraction: Extraordinary view of Rongsa Dzong and Taa Dzong.

Address: Trongsa, Bhutan

Contact: +975 3 521 417

The tourism of Bhutan is controlled by the Royal government and provides all the good things you are looking for. Bhutan can be explored by staying in these hotels that meet all your desires. So, book your hotel and visit the Kingdom of Thunder Dragon that welcomes everyone to experience the best things about the country that shares peace and happiness.