Darjeeling – Queen of the Himalayas, Visit the Beautiful Places

Visit the Beautiful Places in Darjeeling, the Queen of the Himalayas

Traveling is about exploring new places over the time frame but few places come under the expectation that forces you to visit the same place again and again. Darjeeling – the queen of Himalayas is one such place that makes you feel magical with every visit. Situated in the foothills of eastern Himalaya where nature and western culture coincide in a beautiful manner. You must remember that Darjeeling was the summer capital of India during British rule and that makes Darjeeling extremely famous across the globe.

Antic buildings, attractive curves on the streets and greenery all around the city will make you fall in love with it whenever you enter the city. The nearest airport is at Bagdogra and the nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri from where you can reserve a car or book your tickets for the toy train though, the frequency of toy train is lesser these days but you can try enjoying this heritage ride. So, let’s find out some of the special attractions of Darjeeling that forces a person to make another visit.

Beautiful Places in Darjeeling one must Visit

Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill

Start your day by visiting Tiger Hill which is situated 26 km away from Darjeeling city that takes nearly one and half hour to reach the place. The hotel staff will knock the door at 3:30 am and you will 20 minute to get ready for the journey before sunrise. During winter the roads were covered in snow and even during the summer, you will get pleasant weather. Once you reached the place you will find a huge crowd standing on a hilltop. 

You must be wondering about what’s going on with the people over there. Just wait for a while until the Sun god appear. Watching the sunrise from tiger hill is something you will remember for the lifetime. The first rays of the Sun hit the Kanchenjunga in the opposite and the mountain starts sparkling converting into golden color. 

Batasia Loop

Batasia Loop

When you return from Tiger Hill, you will find Batasia Loop which is a must-visit spot for any traveler or nature lover. The toy train track moves 360-degree turn and gives you a chance to click some amazing photographs without riding the toy train. Within half an hour you will find at least two trains passing by narrow tracks. 

Along with toy train, you can watch the full view of Kanchenjunga from Batasia Loop but getting the view of this mountain needs clearer sky and that completely depends on your luck. There is a War Memorial Statue in the middle of Batasia Loop which is made in the honor of brave soldiers. Few merchants will attract you with designable clothes and restaurants are available for breakfast.

Happy Valley Tea Garden

Happy Valley Tea Garden

We all know that Darjeeling – the queen of Himalayas is famous for Tea and how can you skip Happy Valley Tea Garden that looks mesmerizing with the green tea leaves all around the valley. Spend some time by sitting in the garden where you can watch women are busy in plucking the tea leaves and keeping them on the basket. You will feel relaxed by getting the view of this tea garden that’s for sure. There are plenty of shops made of bamboo that sell packets of tea according to your choice. Take a cup of tea preferably black tea or green tea and enjoy the moment that refreshes the mind as well as the soul.

Rock Garden

Rock Garden of Darjeeling

If you are planning a trip with your loved one then Rock Garden is a must watch place because the place is so beautiful and amazingly planned that you will get lost in it. Natural waterfall, curvy roads, and greenery all around the garden make the place splendid. Walk around the garden and feel the beauty of Darjeeling by visiting Rock Garden which is located 10 km from the city. People now days get busy in clicking selfies rather than visualizing the place with their naked eyes.

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

Himalayan Zoological Park

Darjeeling zoo is one of the key attractions for people who are going visiting the city for the first time. Some of the endangered species are kept there with regular check-up and maintenance because of the pleasant weather. You can find Snow Leopard, Yaks, Tibetan Wolf, Deer, Red Panda, Pheasant, Monkey, Bear and many more. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is the largest high altitude zoo in the entire country. It takes more than two hours to explore this zoo and is a great learning experience for children as we as for adults. Different species of birds will attract you with their chirping. Keep your mobile in silent mode and maintain silence for the sake of those innocent animals.

Among all the places in India, Darjeeling is extremely famous for its uniqueness and natural beauty. You can visit Darjeeling – Queen of the Himalayas and other neighboring places with trusted travel agencies. Travel agents in Jaigaon help you in guiding your tour maintaining the comfort.   

Bhutan for Your Honeymoon – 5 Reasons to Choose Bhutan

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Bhutan for Your Honeymoon

Every travel plan goes into one side and honeymoon goes into another as it all about loving, caring, enjoying and discovering one another. That ‘You and I’ feeling takes people into the land of love here everything looks beautiful and delighted. Just like a fairy tale honeymoon needs a destination which fulfills your mental as well as physical desires. Bhutan honeymoon packages will give you that feel.

Bhutan is considered to be one of the best destinations in the world because of so many reasons. The paradise on earth is called the Last Shangri La which means a place where everything is available and looks amazingly beautiful. Everyone is happy in this country as the nation focuses on Gross National Happiness. They believe that a happy nation will maintain prosperity and welfare for the lifetime.

Your honeymoon will be greater experience by exploring the country that spread peace and harmony to the entire world with 75% of the Buddhist population. Bhutan honeymoon packages include all the fun and excitement that keeps the couple satisfied from inner sense.

5 Reasons that make Bhutan a perfect place for Honeymoon

Combination of Culture and Beauty

Culture and Beauty of Bhutan

The kingdom of Thunder Dragon comes with the cultural significance that introduces you with those ancient monasteries and temples that shares the teachings of Lord Buddha who sacrifices all his desires and wealth in search of absolute truth. Here, in this country, you will find beauty in every space as the people are happy and nature keeps on showering blessings to the people over there. Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Paro is one of the centres of attraction for its unique location on the top cliff of a mountain whereas; Penakha Dzong is a cultural and administrative centre for Bhutanese. The traditional architecture and beauty of nature give you a perfect rhythm to love each other. 

Easy to manage the budget

Budget friendly Bhutan tour

Honeymoon starts with lots of expectations and desires of fulfilling age-old dreams of both the partner. To make the trip memorable one need to decide upon the budget. Most of the time people do compromise for the budget and visit to a place which really doesn’t fulfill the requirements. Bhutan will help you in this regard by taking only $250 per day per individual. Yes, the amount included food and lodging facilities along with an English speaking guide to make you feel comfortable during your trip. Countries like India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines don’t need any passport to enter Bhutan. It becomes easy to set the budget by knowing the accommodation cost though, your personal expenses should be included when you fix the budget.

Keeps you Flexible

river rafting in Bhutan

Bhutan gives you variety of choices whether you want to spend time near the river valley or do some adventure with trekking, paragliding, and river rafting experiences. Each time you will enjoy the best moment by getting into the extreme level of joy and pleasure. Bhutan travel packages will give all the valid information so that you can manage your trip according to your preferences. Some couple like to get lost into the solace whereas some loves to engage in doing different activities. The ways are there for you so that you can make your honeymoon memorable one.

Luxurious and Comfortable Accommodation

luxurious accommodation of Bhutan

Happiness and comfort go parallel to each other so it is important to find the accommodation that finally gives you a perfect stay during your honeymoon. Bhutan gives you some of the well-known hotels and resorts to plan your stay in a better sense. Luxurious hotels at an affordable rate are what you must search while fixing the honeymoon trip. You will find the view of great Himalayan range by sitting on the balcony of your hotel. A good stay in comfortable accommodation is something that gives you all the reasons to shower your love. You can find accommodations in Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Gantey, and Bumthang which connects other places of attraction in order to explore the happiest place on earth.

Being a part of the traditional festival

traditional festival of Bhutan

The more you know about this country the more you will find the reason behind their happiness. Visiting Bhutan during the festive season is really a good choice for any couple. There are different festivals celebrated throughout the year so you need to choose the right time for you. Bhutan honeymoon packages will help you out by delivering the exact timing of the festivals. Tsechu is the most popular festival celebrated in Bhutan where Thimphu Tsechu and Paro Tsechu are famous all over the country. This annual festival makes people together in one place when people wear musk, dances on the sound of drums, sing folk songs and distribute traditional cuisines to everyone. Festivals unite people and share the thoughts of their culture which really purify the ambiance in a genuine manner. 

Bhutan welcomes you to be a part of their happiness by getting the best services in every step. This country can be discovered by getting in touch with Bhutan honeymoon packages which meet all your desires of finding the perfect place.

Travel to Bhutan – How to Choose Your Travel Agent

Travel to Bhutan - How to Choose Your Travel Agent

‘Feel the comfort while traveling’

Bhutan is the best choice for you if you are looking for an offbeat destination to make your holiday exciting and adventurous. You can do lots of activities by traveling to the ‘Kingdom of Thunder Dragon‘. Your traveling will be more comfortable by choosing a travel agent who will manage your trip in a better sense. Choosing your travel agent can bring more happiness and pleasure to the trip. Bhutan travel agents are available in Siliguri to help you managing your tour in a systematic way. Travel to Bhutan will be the best plan for you.

Let’s find How to choose your Travel Agent

Choose Your Travel Agent Online

Find travel agent online

The internet will help you in choosing the travel agent as they are not considered so often as the past. Choosing the right agent is possible by browsing the internet that gives you options and a chance to evaluate. Most importantly it saves your time and keeps you away from problems. The online medium helps you to get the reviews that highlight the reputation of the travel agent in a particular field.

Clarify a few things while choosing the Travel Agent

Choosing travel agent

To make your trip memorable you should make the things clearer with the travel agent that includes date, place, and budget of your trip. You must specify your needs to make the travel agent understand what you are exactly looking for.

Plan your trip with the Travel Agent

Travel to Bhutan

The trip is yours and you must be happy with it. So, giving the details about your trip is important. The travel agent may ask you about the destinations you are wondering about, the time you will go to spend, your actual planning before starting the trip and so on. When you will be honest with your answers then the travel agent will help you with the best services meeting your requirements. Bhutan travel agents are efficient enough to guide for further assistance.

Search for the accommodation

Hotels accommodation in Bhutan

The trip is linked with the accommodation and that maintain your own comfort zone. Ask your travel agent about the accommodation facilities. The hotels or resorts provided by the travel agent along with the facilities they are providing to meet your desires. Getting the details will give you assurance before starting the trip with a bang.

Analyze your financial priority

Financial priority for Bhutan trip

Money is sweeter than honey. So, you must manage your budget according to the trip you are looking for. You must analyze the financial part by asking the price structure and charges. Keeping the things clear before your trip will keep you away from problems.

Know more about the Services

Travel agent's services

Once you are clear about the charges and facilities. Ask about the services offered by the travel agent.

  • How much time the agent will give you?
  • Is there any specialization with the service he is providing?
  • Is there any extra charge for any service?

Choosing the best travel agent for Bhutan can help you to explore the country in a perfect way. You will stay relaxed and blissful by enjoying the destination by getting in touch with Bhutan travel agents who are capable of giving you the best services in an affordable cost.  

Bhutan Honeymoon

Bhutan Honeymoon

Honeymoon is the time when you need comfort and complete solace to find the best things for each other. Crowded sea beach, polluted cities and eating dinner in an expensive restaurant are not the ways to discover the inner love. God blessed us with nature and it spread all the happiness through mountain, rivers, and trees that really brings happiness to our life.

So, are you planning for a honeymoon to redefine your love? Is it really appealing you to find the best place for honeymoon in terms of gifting something special to your beloved wife? Then, Bhutan is the only place that will give all the good reasons to fall in love one more time. Here, we will highlight some of the exotic destinations in Bhutan that comes under Bhutan honeymoon package and makes you amazed for the lifetime. 

Bhutan Honeymoon Package – Perfect Places

Paro Valley

Paro Valley of Bhutan

Paro attracts a huge number of tourists every year and known to be the gateway to Bhutan. You will find this place ideal for your honeymoon because you will find the only airport over there which is helpful for convenience. After reaching Paro you can make yourself in the hotel room and get prepared for sightseeing because the place is popular for monasteries and natural landscapes. From the National Museum to Tiger’s Nest Monasteries each of the attractions in Paro makes you feel better. Pine groves and lush paddy fields look so nice that you will start romancing with your partner in this beautiful destination. People of Bhutan celebrate Paro Tsechu festival annually in the month of March or April when they wear musk and colorful traditional dress with lots of food and wine.

Thimphu – The capital city

Thimphu – The capital city of Bhutan

Visiting Bhutan will remain incomplete without Thimphu as the city shares the rich cultural heritage of the county. You might be wondering that why you should explore the culture of any country during your honeymoon trip but actually this place will give you a lot more than you ever imagine. This city is situated in the foothills of Chuu River and maintains pleasant weather throughout the year which makes it an ideal place for a honeymoon. If any couple loves wildlife then they can visit Motithang Takin Reserve or else National Memorial Chorten that is made in honour of great soldiers died in the battle of 2003. Along with the chorten you can visualize the 360-degree panoramic view of the great Himalayan range by holding the hands of your loved one.


Punakha in Bhutan

One of the ideal places in Bhutan is Punakha that shares abundant of greenery and rivers. Visiting the place where Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu Rivers coincide is mostly recommended by the travel guides where you can witness the 17-century Panakha Dzong famous for wall paintings depicting the life of Buddha and the Tibetan architecture. Married couples have another attraction in Punakha which is an amazing temple of Divine madman called Drukpa Kunley. This fertile temple gives you a unique experience by showing the paintings of the phallus in the walls of the temple and shops at Punakha. It is there believe that taking blessings from this temple will bring fertility to one’s life. Bhutan honeymoon package will definitely include this place which is incomparable in true sense.


Bumthang, Bhutan

Everyone has different tastes and desire to enjoy their honeymoon and if you both are adventurous couple then Bumthang is undoubtedly the perfect destination for you people. You can experience trekking in the treks to Burning Lake and White Horse Treks. Jakar Dzong, Tamzhing Monastery, Jambay Lhakhang, Ngang Lhakhang, and Kurje Lhakhang are the other attraction in Bumthang. This place is situated in the black mountain and covers three valleys namely, Ura, Chhume, Tang and Chokor. The scenic beauty and mesmerizing locales of this destination will keep you wondering about the beauty of nature. Get lost in nature and find the excitement in every corner of this place that proves to be ideal for showering love.

Trongsa Village

Trongsa Village in Bhutan

Choosing Bhutan for your honeymoon proves that you are indeed a nature lover, so entering Trongsa village is something you must do during your trip. This small village is popularly known for its mountain ranges and 17th centaury Trongsa Dzong but you can explore more by meeting with the people over there. People of Bhutan are very friendly and make you feel comfortable with their presence. Trongsa in the ancient time connects east and west Bhutan for trading purposes. The view of the mountain, romantic ambiance and lovely people will surely take to towards your dream sequence. Love can happen many times with the same person and you can feel this philosophy by visiting this small village with bigger hearts.

There is nothing better than peace and love to make the honeymoon memorable one and with Bhutan honeymoon package you can find the beauty within yourself along with the ultimate destinations to make love.

A Wonder world of Valleys and a Modern City

A Wonder world of Valleys and a Modern City

The world is running against the time and put their best to step into modernization. Using mobile phone is life and people start considering mobile and internet as the essential commodity for survival. Every month the companies are ready with their updates and making the things faster and faster. Yes, it is true that people are getting addicted with the technological advancement but somehow they feel the life by going into the nature. Travel to Bhutan will give you the refreshment in the lap of the nature.

World’s First Carbon Negative Country

Bhutan is only country in this world that believes in importance of nature and cover 72% of forests. Preservation of forest and love for nature makes this country world’s first carbon negative country. You can easily find organic food and fresh air by entering this country where the focuses on the development without following the western culture. Slowly changes are happening in this country to keep the people updated and understandable with the outer world. Culture and tradition plays the vital rule in this country to come out with the best reward from nature.

Can you believe that TV and internet was introduced in Bhutan from 1999 when countries like India started downloading films using the internet? The intension was to keep the people out of such gadgets that actually harm our body especially brain. Survey reveals that some of the species of bird became endangered after the discovery of mobile tower. Bhutan balances the human needs with the benefits of nature. Bhutan travel packages attract tourists from different parts of the country to witness the abundance of nature in true sense.

Let’s focus into the country that maintains serenity with modern facilities

Beauty of Paro

Paro is considered to be the gateway to Bhutan and once you entered the city you will start wondering about the specialties and uniqueness of the place that covers culture and tradition in an equal manner. The valley is covered with green and brown fields that look awesome during the day. Along with the natural serenity, Paro gives you some of the famous monasteries of Bhutan.

Tiger’s Nest monastery is most common one which you might seen in the pictures of Bhutan while searching on internet. The cultural significance of Bhutan can be observed with Paro Dzong, popularly known as ‘Fortress of a Heap of Jewels’ is constructed in the early 15th century. The flowing Paro River looks so amazing from the top of wooden bridge called Nyamai-Zam. You can visit to the national museum to know more about the country and its cultural heritage.

A walk to Haa Valley via Chele La Pass

Bhutan travel packages

Bhutan shares some of the peaceful and undisturbed locations and Haa valley is the greatest example. Walking towards Haa valley is something like discovering the best part of the nature. Haa River flows so fast that it is an ideal place for white river rafting and sightseeing. Haa is the ancestral home of the Queen Grandmother and the illustrious of Dorji family. There you can find temple and natural beauty all together that makes the valley a must visit place.

 Kila Goemba, an ancient nunnery nestled in the mountain where you can see Yak and numerous species of Rhododendron flowers covering the valley. Bhutan travel packages give you all the facilities to discover the beauty of Bhutan along with the necessary information about the destinations. Chele La pass is another side of the beautiful Haa valley which is not accessible during winter due to excessive snow falls. The overall trip helps you to understand the untold facts about Bhutan and its wonderfulness.

The Capital city – Thimphu

Travel to Bhutan

Travelling to Bhutan will remain incomplete by not visiting the capital city. Thimphu describes a lot about the country with its historical significance. The Wangchu River surrounds the high mountains and makes the destination special in terms of getting into the lap of Mother Nature. Changangkha Lhakhang temple built like a fort whereas the Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal gives you historical paintings in walls with deities that told a lot more about the country and its people.

 Folk Heritage Museum and Vast art gallery makes the impression over those skills and artistic demonstration of the culture and tradition. Rather than increasing the knowledge about the countries culture, one can watch the traffic signals where you cannot find any lights because the people are so systematic and happy that they manage the traffic even without those traffic lights.

Festivals and Cuisines

Attending any of the festivals of Bhutan will make you feel that the country is so close to nature. Popular festivals like Paro Tschechu, Thimphu Tschechu, Mountain Echoes, Jambay Lhakhang Drup, Wangduephodrang Tshechu, and Haa Summer Festival makes you feel happy and joyous by entering into cultural significance. During the festivals people wear traditional dress and covered their face with musk. Ancient stories are described through dance and songs. Bhutan travel packages provide you information about the seasonal and annual festivals to become a part of these festivals.

Celebrating festivals welcome different types of cuisines and delicious foods. Ema datshi Kewa datshi, Shakam ema datshi, Shakam paa, Phaksha paa and Sikam paa are some of the popular dishes which are made from chilies, cheese, meat and vegetables. Bhutanese have a strong connection with chilies where they count it as a vegetable instead of spice. Modernization is hitting the country but still the people maintain their traditional attire genuinely.

Modernization with traditional ethics

Bhutan tour plan

The country believes in development but in a different way as there is no western influence in Bhutan. During the working hours every government staffs and school students wear traditional dress to give respect to their culture. Mobile phone become popular in Bhutan only after 2003 and now Bhutan is showing direction to the whole world for planting more trees every year. This organic country becomes the centre of attraction from a huge number of tourists across the globe.

Bhutan travel packages

Monasteries and temples shows believes about religion and modern day resorts and bar makes the thing adjustable with outsiders. You can’t smoke publicly over there as smoking in public is a punishable offense in Bhutan. There is a full ban on Tobacco products which proves their dedication towards health. Over last 60 years Bhutan is developing rapidly by keeping culture by their side.

The time is high when every country of the world must think about saving the nature from various hazards and consequences. Mobile towers and pollution of the factories need to be managed in a better sense by dealing with the era of modernization. Bhutan travel packages open up the ways to know more about the country that sets an example for all of us.