A Backpacking Trip to Bhutan: The Land of Happy People

A Backpacking Trip to Bhutan: The Land of Happy People

Backpackers can plan their trip towards Bhutan which is popularly known as ‘the land of happy people’ or ‘the land of Thunder Dragon’ because of certain reasons. Do you ever wish to visit this country where culture and modernization go in a parallel way? If yes, then you have to know a lot more about this unique nation that is situated in between Indian and China. Make a trip to Bhutan to explore this beautiful country.

During ancient times, due to the geographical location, Bhutan receives a huge amount of terrifying thunderbolts and the local people believes that to be a holy sound of the dragon and that makes the country, the land of Thunder Dragon. TV and the internet were introduced after a long time into this nation in comparison to its neighboring countries. The royal government of Bhutan at the present time introduces all the needful amenities to its citizens by holding the tradition and culture in a true sense. Bhutan Holidays will take you to the level of immense gratitude and overwhelming experiences.  

The Strategy of High value and Low Volume

Trip to Bhutan

 The intention of this nation is to think beyond others and that makes them extraordinarily amazing country in the whole world. Tobacco is strictly banned in Bhutan and 72% of the total area is covered by forest which makes it the world’s first ‘carbon negative country’. The government put its full efforts to keep the citizens happy because happy people will contribute their best in making the nation deserving from every angle. ‘Gross National Income’ is replaced by ‘Gross National Happiness’ in the land of happy people.

So, after knowing all about Bhutan, are you planning to go for Bhutan Holidays? At a point of time outsiders were not allowed in this country but nowadays Bhutan is considered to be one of the hotspots for travel bloggers and tourists but in a limited number. Yes, you heard it right because the country has an incredible travel policy of ‘high value, low volume.’ According to the government, it is better to allow limited people but it is more important to give values and respect so that they will feel satisfied and comfortable. 

Indeed the nation strongly believes in welcoming tourists but backpackers need to manage their trip to Bhutan by communication with other solo travelers because Bhutan is quite expensive for solo trips. You have to $30 extra per day which can be minimized if you travel in a group of 3 or 4 people. Normally, a tourist has to pay $250 per day which includes accommodation, food, an English speaking travel guide and a car for sightseeing experiences. 

The $200 cost is not applicable to citizens from India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives. Citizens from these nations can travel Bhutan on a cost-effective budget of $25 per day.

 Important Tips for Backpackers before Traveling to Bhutan

Travel during Festivals

Festivals of Bhutan

Tshechu is the most popular festival of Bhutan and celebrated in almost every district as Thimphu Tshechu, Paro Tshechu and so on. Visiting Bhutan during festive season helps you to explore the people in better sense along with unlimited fun and excitement. Delicious Bhutanese cuisines, musk dancing in the middle of the road and singing folk songs are the special attractions.

Search a suitable Homestay

Trip to Bhutan

Backpackers mostly like to discover unknown facts about any place; it helps them to make their blogs and photographs more interesting and appealing. So, it is really important to find a homestay instead of luxury hotels because it gives enough space to culture people and places.

Try to learn Dzongkha

Language of Bhutan

Dzongkha is the official language of Bhutan and it is better to learn the language during your stay. It is beneficial in two ways; you will learn one more language and helps you in communicating with villagers and local shopkeepers. Though, most of the people in Bhutan are comfortable with English.

Keep warm clothes for emergency

warm clothes

Bhutan is situated in the foothills of Meghalaya and in the Himalayan region, the weather is usually unpredictable. Even during the summer, you might find the temperature goes lower during the night and that is why you should keep warm clothes or else you can purchase them from the local market.

Do Some Shopping

Bhutanese products

Is it not your cup of tea? Keep calm and just roam around the market to find some of the colorful and attractive handicrafts which are antique and precious for any traveler. Take some photographs and if possible buy at-least one, as a souvenir of Bhutan.

From monasteries to breath-taking landscapes you will find everything so perfect and mesmerizing that you will start planning for your next Bhutan Holidays. Bhutan is an ideal place for exploring some of the unknown and unique facts about nature and human civilization. Make your dream into reality by traveling to Bhutan – The Land of Happy People.