Information and aspects about Agriculture in Bhutan

Agriculture in Bhutan

The economy of Bhutan is particularly based on agriculture and forestry. The people of Bhutan practice subsistence farming and animal husbandry. Jagged mountains dominate the territory and make the construction of roads and other infrastructure expensive and difficult. About 70percent of the people live in rural areas and about 95percent of the women in Bhutan work in the agricultural sector hence making agriculture one of the main occupations of the people here.

Agricultural products= rice, corn, citrus, food grains, dairy products, and eggs.

1. Organic Agriculture-Road to Happiness

Bhutan had been striving to be the first country to convert to a 100percent organic agricultural system and in 2013 it became the first country in the world to have 100percent organic farming. Bhutan drew international attention just a few years back for saying gross national happiness should surpass gross domestic product when measuring the progress of the nation.

Sustainable and Agriculture Goals=achieve food security, end hunger, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

2. Sustainable Farming

The natural environment conditions in Bhutan as well as its global image potentially ideal for sustainable farming. Any crop imaginable can be grown somewhere in Bhutan, from the highlands of the north to the mid-latitude belt, to the subtropical lowlands in the south.

Crops are grown: rice, potato, maize, spice, and herbs.

Staple crop: rice is the staple crop and the staple food of the Bhutanese people

3. Vegetable market scenes

There are a lot of imported vegetables in the Bhutanese market most of which can be grown in Bhutan. Bhutanese local market offers good opportunities for commercial farming as more Bhutanese consumers are willing to pay a premium for local produce.

Top Bhutanese Food producing company: Druk Air Corporation Limited.

Food products: fruits, juice, jam, vegetables, and pickles

4. Animal Husbandry in Bhutan

It is one of the most important Agricultural occupations of the people in Bhutan, especially in the alpine and high altitude regions. It is the main economic activity in Bhutan

Livestock: cattle, pigs, goats, horses, and yaks.

The main goals of Agriculture in Bhutan are to increase the income of the people living mainly in the rural areas and to increase the productivity of agricultural land. Bhutan ranks first in the ease of doing business, economic freedom and peace. It is one of the least corrupted countries in the world.