Journeying to Bhutan from U.S.A for the First time? Remember these tips

Journeying to Bhutan from U.S.A for the First time? Remember these tips

Traveling to a new country can be a little bit difficult as the culture and traditions of the country you are from may be entirely different from the country you are in. This will result in a culture shock so in order to avoid that do look up the culture and norms of the country you are traveling.

Bhutan is a country that is unique both culturally and environmentally and you will immediately feel exotic when you land here, as you will see the people in their cultural dresses as Bhutan is a country that embraces its ancient traditions while carefully allowing modern developments. Here are some Tips to remember for traveling to Bhutan if it is your first time.


Government=Constitutional Monarchy

Currency: Ngultrum

Elevation: 8000feet

Know about the visa policy of Bhutan

The visitors from U.S.A or any other foreign countries except for SAARC countries require a passport valid for six months longer than their journey and a Visa which must be pre-approved before your arrival in Bhutan

You should carry the passport which you had submitted for the Bhutan Visa or you will be denied entry. You are required to provide fingerprints and a facial scan with 2 passport size photographs at the Paro International Airport

The Daily Cost in Bhutan

Touring Bhutan for foreigners can be a bit expensive as the daily cost is 250$ but it will include all the charges right from hotels to meals and touring.


All taxes and internal charges

3star accommodations

All meals

All internal transport

Camping Essentials

Low season months (January, February, June July August, December) =200USD

High season months (March, April, May, Sep, Oct, Nov) =250USD

The Documents you need to carry

You should not forget to carry your passport to the airport at all times as it is the main form of identification for you. Your passport will be checked at the immigration checkpoint

Important documents=passport, valid visa, air ticket, passport size photos

Smart and light Packing is the key

Remember to carry only the things you need for your trip as because extra baggage can be a bit of a hassle and will delay you in the immigration checkpoint and also because you may want to shop in Bhutan and you will have to pay for the extra baggage at the terminal. Bhutan is quite chilly even during the summer season so do not forget to carry warm clothes and body warmers. If you are going in the winter season pack fleece jackets, sweaters, and body warmers.

Things to pack=Bare essentials, sweaters, body-warmers, trousers, thermos flask, medicines

Be updated with the weather of the place

Before you visit Bhutan, check the weather as Bhutan lies in the Himalayan belt and there are chances of heavy snowfall and even landslides due to heavy rain. You should know about the weather of the place and then pack accordingly.

The average temperature of Bhutan=60.1degree Fahrenheit

Average high temperature=69.8degree Fahrenheit

Average low temperature=50.5degree Fahrenheit

Know about the Local Transport and cost

Taxi service is available in Paro, Phuentsholing, Jakar, and Thimphu. The taxis have meters in them but the drivers do not use them. For long distance travel, they fix a flat rate and it is very difficult to negotiate the price. The taxi drivers have a habit of charging more to Indians and foreigners

If you are traveling in a Tourist visa your transportation charge will be covered in the inclusions and you will have a vehicle available for long as well as short distance travel.

Be Humble and Polite

The people of Bhutan are extremely down to earth people and they are very well mannered and friendly too so treat them with respect.

When you meet people on the road greet them with a simple hello.

Leave a tip after you are done eating in a restaurant

Do not skip queues as it is not regarded punctual

Safety Precautions to take in Bhutan

Though Bhutan is regarded as one of the safest countries in the world there are still some cautions to take when visiting here

Avoid drinking tap water or water which has not been boiled. Ice cubes should be avoided. Drink packaged water only.

Do not smoke or sell tobacco as it is banned in Bhutan

Do not feed stray dogs as they contain diseases and might attack you.


Bhutan is simply an amazing country filled with enchanting mountain views and beautiful landscape. We hope that the above information will be of help to you when you land in Bhutan. Do share your experience in Bhutan and have a pleasant stay and safe journey.