What is the cost to visit Bhutan?

What is the cost to visit Bhutan?

Bhutan has long been reputed as the country of myths and legends. The last Shangri La and the only Buddhist kingdom of the world hold the spell that enchants anyone who steps in its realm. Landlocked between India, China, and the Himalayas, the kingdom of happiness ardently maintains its timeless cultures and traditions. Intentionally isolating itself from the rest of the world, Bhutan became accessible to tourists only from 1974.

Why Bhutan?

Why Bhutan?

Bhutan evokes a sense of wonder and admiration and caters to the call of the wanderlusts, adventurers, peace seekers, and pilgrims. Whether it is the landscapes or the magnificent monasteries and Dzongs, be it the mask dances or the mushroom harvesting festivals and rhododendron festivals, Bhutan will surely leave you enthralled. You’ll surely forget the world behind while you revel in the incredible festivities, you’ll find your strength while trekking amid the offbeat destinations with both extreme and moderate trails.  The ambiance of serenity and the natural endowments like the hot springs, or be it the spiritual meditation with the monks, you’ll surely discover your bliss and peace in Bhutan.

How to get there?

Being the landlocked country and due to its geographical isolation, Bhutan authorizes only two modes of accessibility.

  • By Air- to Paro Airport, Bhutan’s only international airport
  • By Road- via Jaigaon in India to Phuentsholing, the second largest city of Bhutan after Thimphu

Things to remember before traveling to Bhutan

Now, before packing your bags there are certain things that require your attention to make your trip to Bhutan an ideal one. Planning is the foremost thing, which is followed by your hunt for accommodations, car rentals, tickets, permits, luggage, visas (not applicable for ones traveling from India, Maldives, and Bangladesh), etc. Above all the major things that are mentioned cost to visit Bhutan needs specific attention because Bhutan is not a budget-friendly destination as you think it to be.

What is the cost of visiting Bhutan?

As per Bhutan’s Tourism Policy, the cost to visit Bhutan is as follows-

In peak seasons

March to May and September to November- the cost of visiting Bhutan is US$250 per person/a day. If you are a solo traveler, you need to pay a surplus of US$40 per day, bringing you a total sum of US$290/a day.

During the fall/off-seasons

December to February and June to August- Bhutan travel cost is reduced to US$200 per person/a day. However, if you are traveling solo, you again need to pay a surplus that still stands US$40, costing you US$ 240/a day.

Are there any discounts available for children and the students on Bhutan tour cost?

Yes. Luckily, there are discounts available for children and students that are worth focusing into. Please note that if you’re traveling to Bhutan with kids, or, if you’re a full-time student and less than 25 years old, you’ll get 25% discount on daily Bhutan tourism cost.

Is Bhutan trip worth your US$200- US$290 a day?

Hi there, Bhutan cost of travel seems too expensive, especially, if you’re looking for a budget trip to Bhutan, but let me tell you where your money goes! Your daily Bhutan tour cost covers the following:

1. Luxury accommodations/hotels/resorts

2. All meals (exception alcohol)

3. Car rentals with experienced drivers

4. Sightseeing and festivals celebrations

5. Activities- adventure, leisurely, spiritual, rejuvenation

6. English speaking tour guide

7. Mediation sessions and hot stone baths, spa

8. Passes, permits, tickets for sanctuaries, fishing, and sacred places

9. Porter and mules for offbeat treks and hikes

10. Outdoor activities and provision of equipment

11. Doctor on call

12. Room service

13. 24*7 help and assistance

I meant, your daily tourism fees comprise everything in addition to the mesmerizing realm of magic and spirituality. You can discover more of this secluded kingdom with the excellent and courteous Bhutan tour guide.

However, there are certain things that aren’t covered by your everyday Bhutan tourism fees. They are:

1.Medical insurance

2.Tipping your guide and driver

3.Shopping- buying souvenirs, crafts

4.Donation in the monasteries

5.Flight tickets


Who are all exempted from paying the everyday Bhutan vacation cost as per the rules of Bhutan Tourism Council?

Travelers traveling to Bhutan from India, Maldives, and Bangladesh are exempted from paying the everyday tourism fees in Bhutan. Interestingly, Indians are exempted from obtaining costly visas and showing their passports while visiting Bhutan. However, they need to obtain a valid tourist permit, without which their accessibility will be denied.

So, have a happy traveling to the realm of intrigue and bliss.