The Do`s And Dont`s For Bhutan Travelers

The Do`s And Dont`s For Bhutan Travelers

So you`re fancying a trip to Bhutan right? Well, get ready to treat yourself to the most astounding pleasures you`ve been longing for because traveling to Bhutan is almost like traveling to an immortal and blissful paradise. The unspoilt Himalayan setting, rich flora & fauna and the thrilling things to do makes the kingdom truly fascinating. But guys, do you think traveling to a country that is intensely protective regarding its unique identity is that easy? Therefore, being a traveler, it is very much important to accumulate certain facts about the place so as to avoid unpleasantness. And to serve you with a convenience we have put forward this blog about some do`s and don`ts of Bhutan.


1. Bhutanese people consider some of the Himalayan Mountains to be the dwelling place of Gods. Therefore you should learn that certain places in the country are not open for tourists.

2. It is customary to take off your hats while visiting the dzongs and monasteries or if you appear in front of the national flag.

3. Make sure you`re dressed properly and modestly again on visiting the country`s religious sites.

4. Also, remember to switch off or keep your mobile phones on silent when you are inside monasteries and temples.

5. Always remember to walk in the clockwise direction while passing Chortens, Mani Walls, Dzongs, Monasteries, Prayer flags, and temples.

6. Taking pictures inside the dzongs and monasteries are strictly forbidden.

7. Well, it is for sure that you are going to take home some mementos and souvenirs  but you must always be cautious about purchasing any items in Bhutan. Such actions are strictly monitored by the custom authorities. Therefore, you must bear the original bills and cash memo of all the goods you purchase.

8. Seek for permission before you photograph any religious objects, person or private belongings.

9. Be nice and polite to the locals, they are equally courteous and hospitable.

10. Although Bhutan is a safe country, it is still advisable to keep your belongings in a safe place.

11. Do remember to carry enough Bhutanese currency though Indian rupees are also widely accepted. There are still some places in the country where credit cards are not accepted.

12. Always follow the traffic rules and signals.


1. The Bhutanese people have a deep reverence for their Buddhist religion, Royal Family, and the Chief Abbots. So make sure you do not pass any negative comments regarding any such things. In Bhutan, such acts are regarded as a criminal offense.

2. Do not wear short dresses when entering monasteries and public buildings for it is considered to be a sign of disrespect.

3. Do not forget to register all your electronic gadgets such as cameras, laptops and mobile phones under the custom authorities upon arrival in Bhutan.

4. Avoid smoking or consuming tobacco in public; such things are strictly prohibited in most of the areas in Bhutan. In fact, visitors are liable to pay 200% tax on bringing 100 cigarettes in the country.

5. Never touch the robe of a monk.

6. Also, do not touch any ritual objects or murals without requesting permission.

7. Do not speak in a loud voice in respect for the sanctity of the place.

8. Don`t swim, wash or throw any items into the lakes. Most of the lakes are considered holy by locals.

9. Do not offer any sort of sweets, toys or money to the children in Bhutan.

10. Keep yourself away from the street as well as the domestic dogs. Try not to tease them; some may not be friendly though.

11. Do not use your finger to point any figure; let that be a person, some place, an object or an animal. Instead use your palm rather an upturned extended hand especially while indicating a sacred place or thing.

12. Do not misbehave within the premises of the monasteries, temples, and dzongs that would show disrespect to the religious artifacts, antiques either small or big.

It is always best to be well prepared while traveling to a country as remote as Bhutan. For more information on Bhutan, do visit our other blogs too.