How much does Bhutan Travel Packages Cost: A Step-by-Step Guide

How much does Bhutan travel packages cost: A Step-by-Step Guide

Bhutan can be explored in your upcoming holidays because the country is known for its breathtaking landscapes and friendly people. You will start learning so many things by spending time at Bhutan. The present King changed as well as developed the country by making the nation one of the popular tourist places. The country maintains a connection between modernization and tradition in order to keep the nation developed in a unique way. In fact, you will find the people very happy with their lifestyle and that helps the entire country to cope with the challenges and any other difficulties. Know about the Bhutan travel packages cost to fulfill your dream of visiting the land of happy people.

Bhutan Holidays

Many people across the globe plan their vacation and holidays at Bhutan to know more about the country. Here peace and harmony are maintained in a genuine manner by showering the teachings of Buddhism. Above all, the Royal Government of Bhutan focuses on the ‘Gross National Happiness’. On the other hand, the rest of the world talks a lot about GDP. Such thinking and intension of keeping the citizens happy are all about welcoming more tourists in the nation. But you must remember that Bhutan has some limitations on the number of tourists. This small country will not allow too much crowd to keep the serenity and peaceful ambiance.

Finally, the main chapter comes into existence when you need to know about the traveling expenses and the needed budget for traveling Bhutan to make the trip successful. Everything is so systematically implemented in this county that one can enjoy every second of the trip. Bhutan travel packages cost will help you to manage your trip by knowing the exact budget. Here, we will discuss the budget and make you understand the guidelines so that you can make your trip successful.

Step – by – step Guide for Bhutan Travel Packages

Travelers are always anxious and crazy about starting a trip with lots of enthusiasm and determination but even after holding the confidence, all you need is money to keep everything under control. Setting the budget becomes the main problem when you are planning a trip outside the country. But when you choose Bhutan as a destination then you will find it quite manageable. The country offers you difference packages depending upon season and number of people.

The tariffs are so amazingly prepared that after paying off the estimated fees you can concentrate on your set traveling goals by staying relaxed. The budget is normally set by the travelers before packaging the bags but when you are traveling to Bhutan then the amount will be fixed and you have to pay it for one time. If you hear that Bhutan is a costly place for travelers to explore the unknown facts then you must think again by going through these tariffs. 


High Season (March, April, May, September, October, and November)

  • $250 per person per day for 3 or more person group
  • $280 per person per day for 2 person group
  • $290 per day for a single individual

Low Season (January, February, June, July, August, and December)

  • $200 per person per day for 3 or more person group
  • $230 per person per day for 2 person group
  • $240 per day for a single individual

Note: Citizens of India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives are allowed to visit Bhutan without a passport and visa. The above tariffs are not applicable to them during their stay in Bhutan.


  • Children 0-5 years old, no charge
  • Children 6-12 years old, no royalty charge, 50% discount on the daily rate
  • Full-time students under 25 years old, with valid identity cards, 25% discount on the daily rate
  • A discount of 50% on the daily rate is given to one person in a group of 11 to 15 people. 100% discount is given to one member in a group exceeding 16 people.
  • 50% discount on royalty is provided after the 8th night and 100% discount on royalty is provided after the 14th night.

So, you can justify your needs by getting everything at a fixed price. Yes, you are getting it right because the fees will include so many things that any travelers to explore any destination. By paying a sum of $250 you will get:

  • A minimum of 3-star accommodation (4 & 5 stars may require an additional premium).
  • All meals (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • A licensed English speaking tour guide
  • All internal transport (excluding internal flights)
  • Camping equipment for trekking tours

One thing you must understand about the tariff is that you must travel with a group of 3 people otherwise you need to pay more money though staying in a homestay is also a great option for solo travelers. But choosing the tariff will help you by a tour guide who will help you with sightseeing and adventure activities. Bhutan is the country that puts the best offers to its guests in order to maintain the relationship. Despite tariffs and fees, you must concentrate on some other points that might make you more comfortable with fixing your Bhutan travel packages cost in terms of enjoying your best time.

Additional Travel Information of Bhutan


During the summer the weather is quite warm and pleasant with occasional rainfall. In general, the higher the altitude, the cooler the weather, and with a cool breeze blowing down off the mountains, even a low-lying valley can become quite chilly. Monsoon seasons are rainy. The winter season is incredibly beautiful with occasional snow. Here clear warm days also give you all the reasons for perfect hiking and sightseeing with the whole of the mountains and valleys in clear view.


The tariff mentioned above will provide you standard accommodation facilities but if you want 5-star accommodations then you need to pay extra. There are various accommodations available in this small country to make you feel comfortable with your stay. Bhutan travel packages cost include all the necessities and facilities in order to plan your trip accordingly.

Tour Guide

If you are a traveler then you must know about managing the tour guide at an affordable price. It needs lots of bargain which sometimes leads to arguments but Bhutan tour guides are to help you in every situation by making you understand the culture and traditions of the nation. The tour guides are certified by the Tourism Authority of Bhutan. Moreover, they maintain a friendly relation and will showcase the places of interest in a definite manner.


Bhutan has many other regional languages that change within the districts but “Dzongkha” is considered as the national language of Bhutan. You can learn the language but there is no hard and fast rule about learning the language because the tour guides are skilled enough to make you understand your queries and questions. 


Bhutanese have a strong relation with cheese and chilies so you will find the food very spicy. The most popular Bhutanese cuisine is ‘Ema Datse’ which is basically made from chili and cheese stew. Rather than cheese and chili, you will find vegetables, chicken, beef, pork, yak, red rice, etc. In addition, traveling Bhutan during any festival will give you a better chance to taste their delicious cuisines.


Development and modernization make Bhutan easily communicable where you can find a SIM card and recharge vouchers very easily. Therefore, the major town will provide you all the basic communication facilities like internet cafes, telephone, fax, telegraph, and post. There are satellite and national television broadcasts (Bhutan Broadcasting Service).

Bhutan is highlighted as the best place for traveling because it maintains the hospitality and attracts people to know more about their culture. Monasteries, temples, natural beauty, food, people, traditional architecture and affordable tariffs make the things really manageable for you to visit the country once in your lifetime. In conclusion, Bhutan travel packages come with lots of opportunities and options to explore the country during your summer holidays.