How Much Does It Really Cost To Visit Bhutan?


Are you a travel freak?

So, what’s bothering you?

 Is it all about expenses and budget?

Traveling is like redefining the soul by exploring the unknown destinations in the world. Planning a trip with systematic approaches helps you to find the best things about traveling otherwise it will be a disaster. Yes, it’s all about your budget and finding the necessary things altogether. Bhutan might be the perfect destination for you if you are looking for an offbeat destination to satisfy your mental needs. Bhutan travel packages offer you to visit Bhutan at the cheapest cost.

Mostly, people across the globe think that Bhutan is a costly place to visit and they drop their plan of exploring this country of happiness. In a practical sense, Bhutan offers amazing facilities for travelers and welcomes their guests just like a God. You will find everything so perfect that you will start loving this nation for many things. Firstly, you will get impressed by the balance of tradition and modernization along with the unique ideas of the citizens that make it the happiest country in the world.

Bhutan travel packages

The royal government of Bhutan maintains peace and harmony not only through words but also implements some of the greatest steps that directly help the nation towards development. You must know that Bhutan is the first carbon negative country in the whole world where 72% of their areas are covered by forest. A portion of the fees taken from tourists goes into Bhutan’s infrastructure, paying for the country’s education, health care, repairs, and more.

So, pack your bags to visit this country that holds the uniqueness in every field with breath-taking scenic beauty and beautiful landscapes. Bhutan travel packages will make it more convenient and affordable for you to plan your trip genuinely.

How much it really cost?

Yes, it is important to know about the cost and expenses before packing your luggage for the Kingdom of Thunder Dragon – Bhutan. The costing will vary over the situations and even over the seasons. If you are traveling during off season then you will find the traveling rate quite cheaper in comparison to season time. The royal government of Bhutan fixes general traveling fees from the tourist which helps them to find all the facilities in one package. There is no need to worry about agents and managing the needs during the stay in Bhutan.

Bhutan Travel Packages

Tariffs for Tourists

High Season (March, April, May, September, October, and November)

  • $250 per person per day for 3 or more person group
  • $280 per person per day for 2 person group
  • $290 per day for a single individual

Low Season (January, February, June, July, August, and December)

  • $200 per person per day for 3 or more in a group
  • $230 per person per day for 2 in a group
  • $240 per day for a single individual


  • Children 0-5 years old, no charge
  • Children 6-12 years old, no royalty charge, 50% discount on the daily rate
  • Full-time students under 25 years old, with valid identity cards, 25% discount on the daily rate
  • A discount of 50% on the daily rate is given to one person in a group of 11 to 15 people. 100% discount is given to one member in a group exceeding 16 people.
  • 50% discount on royalty is provided after the 8th night and 100% discount on royalty is provided after the 14th night.

Are you getting it right? Or, is it still looking a bit costlier?

Just wait for a moment and stay relaxed, we didn’t reveal the main benefits of this fee. Can you believe that this daily fee includes all accommodation, food (excluding alcohol), ground transportation, entrance fees, and a private guide and a well-trained driver? Yes, you got it right, the government is actually making the thing easier for people by taking a daily fee that included all the necessary expenses of any traveler.

High glass and hygienic rooms are provided for the tourist to spend some lavish in the royal country where the English speaking guide and the driver take them into the popular monasteries, temples, Dzongs, Wildlife sanctuaries, and other special attractions. You can move from one place to another by not meeting any trouble because the expenses are already paid and you can do whatever you want to do in this happy country.

Are you an Indian?

Bhutan maintains the social and political balance in a perfect manner which allows their neighboring country, India to communicate as a friend. An Indian is allowed to visit Bhutan without any passport or visa and the above-mentioned travel fee is not applicable for any Indians. You need to make a permit by submitting your identity proof and two passport size photographs during your arrival. It takes a few hours to complete the process of permit. After entering you can stay in hotels which are affordable and easily available. It is better to book your hotels before especially during high season.

The best thing about Bhutan is that you will find a homely feeling by staying in the last Shangri-La where the tradition and culture plays a key role in shaping the mind of their people. You can afford your travel by getting in touch with Bhutan travel packages and enjoy some memorable time over there.

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