Distance between Jaigaon to Thimphu: 12 Driving Direction by Taxi

Jaigaon to Bhutan by Taxi

Planning for Bhutan! While you are travelling to Bhutan from India, for the trip you would like to know the adequate information about the country. So, it is necessary to get the helpful ideas about travelling from Jaigaon to Thimphu. A basic idea Indian traveller must know is that they do not required to get a visa, but need a permit, and are also not required to be in tour groups as in the case with the travellers from the other countries. Before you go around to the place, it is to come across a bit of the place Thimphu the capital of Bhutan.

Coming Across for Exploring Bhutan:

Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan is the largest city, which is situated in the Western Central part of Bhutan and the name of the surrounding valley is the Dzongkhang, the Thimphu District. In the year 1961, the city became the capital of Bhutan and with that as on 2010 census it had a population of 1, 04,200. As the political and an economic centre is the Thimphu of Bhutan, that has a dominant agricultural and also the livestock base, which contributes as of 45% of the countries GNP. Contributor to the economy by the tourism is strictly regulated and is maintained between a balance with the traditional and development and its modernization. Located at the North of the city, Thimphu contains most of the important political buildings in Bhutan, which include the National Assembly of the newly formed parliamentary democracy and the official residence of the king, and the Dechencholing Palace.

Pack Your Bag for the Travel: Helpful Ideas from Jaigaon to Thimphu Taxi

 1. Guidance of the Route to follow from Jaigaon to Thimphu:

Guidance of the Route to follow from Jaigaon to Thimphu

The driving direction guides just to reach on the following directions to Thimphu from Jaigaon. The straight distance that gives you the idea on the Google distance are: it is to head on to your North, turn right towards NH317A, side left onto NH317A, turn right onto NH317A/Sh12A/SH16, at the roundabout, you take the 2nd exit, continue onto Phuentsholing-Thimphu Hwy, to turn left, turn right, turn right and then to continue onto Phuntsholing-Thimphu Hwy. Turn right to stay on Phuntsholing-Thimphu Hwy, at the roundabout, continue straight onto Babesa-Thimphu Expressway. From which the trusted taxi service that you can choose for your ride is Travel and Living which is within your budget with a proper accommodation.

2. Birds view on your travel distance covered from Jaigaon to Thimphu:

Birds view on your travel distance covered from Jaigaon to Thimphu

Driving distances covered by miles is 106.9 from Jaigaon to Thimphu which is of 172 km. there are quite different ones that you can view which provide a bird’s eye view of the terrain on the road map that you can locate it from Jaigaon to Thimphu. To start your planning on your road trip you need to view the directions to locate the sightseeing places as well on your way. You can also view turn by turn directions driving from Jaigaon to Thimphu.

3. Come up to know the distance between Jaigaon to Thimphu:

Come up to know the distance between Jaigaon to Thimphu

The total distance between Jaigaon to Thimphu on the straight line is between the destination points, which is 1126 km (Kilometre) and of 738.48 meters. The mile which is based distances from Jaigaon to Thimphu is of 700.1 miles. Due to the curvature of the road, the straight line of its distance from Jaigaon to Thimphu, and most of the time of the actual travel distance between Jaigaon and Thimphu may vary.

4. Time difference between Jaigaon and Thimphu:

Time difference between Jaigaon and Thimphu

The universal time is the 5.232 Coordinated as the Universal Time (UTC) in Jaigaon and in Thimphu of its universal time is 5.98 UTC. The time differences between Jaigaon and Thimphu is of -0.748 decimal hours. It is to note that Jaigaon and Thimphu time calculation is based on the UTC time of the particular city. It may also vary from the country standard time, local time etc.

5. Travel time to keep a note from Jaigaon to Thimphu:

Travel time to keep a note from Jaigaon to Thimphu

It is a place, Jaigaon which is located around 1126 km away from Thimphu so if you travel at the consistent speed from Jaigaon to Thimphu distance of 50 km per hour you can reach Thimphu in 22.53 hours. Your Thimphu travel also seems to vary due to your bus speed or in your taxi speed, it is mainly depending upon the vehicle that you use.

6. Travellers must carry the Road Map of Jaigaon to Thimphu:

Travellers must carry the Road Map of Jaigaon to Thimphu

At the west side of the Thimphu Jaigaon is located, and in the given west of the direction from Jaigaon is only approximately. In the travel maps towards the Thimphu, you may also find en route hotels, tourist’s spots, picnic spots, petrol pump and the various religious places. In the given Google map it is not comfortable to view all the places as per your expectations than to view the street maps, local places.

7. Bhutan Government Shared Taxi from Jaigaon to Thimphu:

Bhutan Government Shared Taxi from Jaigaon to Thimphu

Shared taxi is the option and the fare is fixed by the Bhutan Government which is of Rs. 2600 for Thimphu. So the taxi drivers charge a minimum of Rs. 650 per head when they sit for 4 people. If you would like to hire the whole vehicle, you can also bargain a little and get it in about of Rs. 2400.

8. Type of Taxi You Should Hire as for your Comfortable Journey:

Type of Taxi You Should Hire as for your Comfortable Journey

It is advised and is suggested that you take either Hyundai Santro or WagonR vehicles as they are not comfortable for any of them to travel a safe journey as compared to Maruti Alto. The stand of the Taxi stand is at some distance from the border.

9. Shared Taxi throughout the day:

Shared Taxi throughout the day

If you are travelling from Thimpu to Jaigaon or from Thimphu to Paro (vice versa) you would always find shared taxi throughout the day and it is the busiest route for the shared taxi in Bhutan.

10. Rates of the Car as per fixed for the routes:

Rates of the Car as per fixed for the routes

It is seen that generally rates are fixed in Bhutan for all the routes. Drivers would quote you rates if you go to the taxi stand, they will rate more than the fixed government rate. But it may be cheaper through some of the competitions. Due to the rates much cheaper than the Indian consideration the difficult terrain was there that they have to drive.

11. Enjoy Your Delighting Sightseeing Place on your route from Jaigaon to Thimphu:

Enjoy Your Delighting Sightseeing Place on your route from Jaigaon to Thimphu

Bhutan is scenic with its natural beauty and the culture of the Bhutan has its strong sense for the tourists to visit Bhutan again and again. Major attraction places are Paro, Punakha, Jakar, Bumthang and so on. Travel and Living do arrange tourists transport vehicles in Bhutan also we do operate the tourist’s coaches, Toyota Coasters, SUVs in Bhutan and so for from Jaigaon to Thimphu. We are always happy to provide you the best in your tour without and hassle.

12. Drive that you can avail exploring Thimphu:

Drive that you can avail exploring Thimphu

It is to take a drive by taxi or by bus from the Phuentsholing to Thimphu which takes at an about of 6-7 hours. The private taxis and the buses are also available from Bagdogra, NJP, and Siliguri. The fare of the taxi from all these places ranges between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3000.the drive is along the National Highway 31 takes you the straight to the capital Thimphu via Phuentsholing, border the town adjacent to the Indians last frontier town Jaigaon.



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