19 Helpful Tips to Spend a Memorable Vacation in Bhutan

Vacation in Bhutan

In the Himalayas between the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and India, Bhutan is a small country, besides the picturesque of its stunning natural scenery, and its enduring image of the country for most the visitors has its strong sense of the cultural and the traditional that binds the kingdom and that too clearly distinguishes it from its larger neighbours. It is also said as the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation in the world of Bhutan, and the profound teaching of the traditions remains as well preserved and exert a strong influence in all aspects of the life. Bhutan has been called as “The Last Shangrila,” due to its pristine environment and the harmonious society, as the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan.

The process of making Bhutan vacation planning as your visit to Bhutan can be divided, choosing your mode of the entry and then choosing a tour agency to arrange your hotel and Visa. After you’re choosing the package you will cover the second part of choosing as your vacation packages Bhutan. But as it is a landlocked country, so there are only two ways to get into Bhutan for your tour vacation is via flight or a drive.

Make Your Trip As Memorable Tourists Vacations Helpful Tips

1. Memorable Driving Your Ride via India:

Memorable Driving Your Ride via India

Without any of the hassle occurrences at this place Bhutan, which does not has any open border with the China, so the travellers can only drive into Bhutan from the southern side as there are only two entries point that is one from the Phuentsholing which is the main trade city in the Bhutan and Samdrup Jongkar. Mainly it will also take about 6 hours from these borders towns to reach your first main town in Bhutan. This could be your choices of the transport if you are planning just to visit the Eastern Bhutan such as the Merak Sakteng Trek for your vacation to Bhutan.

2. Tourists Attractions of the Peak & Non-Peak Periods:

Tourists Attractions of the Peak & Non Peak Periods

For the tourist to explore their vacation, peak tourist’s seasons are Spring: March-May and Fall: September- November. Particularly during the months of March, April, October, and November are especially busy. Visiting during these months are its best to book your tour packages and the flights tickets at least for 3 months which is ahead to ensure you’re as the reservations.

3. Ideal Time that you can take back with you as a Memorable Vacation:

Ideal Time that you can take back with you as a Memorable Vacation

During the ideals time to visit the place which is mentioned as above the places for more tourists tend to travel as they are the ideal months for festivals and trekking, which are naturally big draws, and if you want to avoid the crowds of the peak tourists period, then it is considered travelling during the non-peak period.

4. Peak Periods for your Bhutan Vacation:

Peak Periods for your Bhutan Vacation

At the time of the peak seasons from March to May and from September to November, it has its daily tariff cost of US $200 per day. This can be as your memorable time spent with the activities that you desire to explore is the best time to go for.

5. Non-Peak Bhutan Packages with the Cost:

Non-Peak Bhutan Packages with the Cost

Also, at the time of the non-peak season which is during the month of December to February and June to August, the daily tariff cost is US$ 200 per day. If you would want to explore your vacation plan but you have a tighter budget plan, then it is best to plan your trip during the off-peak months, so that it becomes effective for you to explore the greater areas within your budget of exploring.

6. Honeymoon Travellers Surcharge for the Group of 2:

Honeymoon Travellers Surcharge for the Group of 2

Travellers who are intending to go along or as a pair should keep in mind and should note the daily surcharge which can be as for, Group of 2 travellers is US $30 per person/per night and as for single traveller is of US $ 40per night. As per the group of 3 travellers or more, there is no surcharge. Honeymoon travellers with proper tour guide can also explore the best tour holiday vacation in Bhutan with your beloved.

7. Must Know the Seasons before you want to explore the place in Vacation:

Must Know the Seasons before you want to explore the place in Vacation

It depends on what you want to do and would like to see in the different seasons to make as your day long time memorable place and that would also make your dream of Bhutan as an enjoyable and a loveable trip. Winter and summer are a good time for you.

8. Adventure Trekking Time:

Adventure Trekking Time

If you want to include your Bhutan vacation packages as for trekking which will be best at the time of April, May, September, and October which are the months with optimum weather to explore your trekking adventure. But although it is colder, the skies are generally clear and blue, and most importantly at this month, it won’t be muddy. Unless for the short day hike for trekking, generally is not recommend during the monsoon season in Bhutan which is from July- August and during this time, light rain also for 1-2 hours in the morning is typical. However, heavy downpours are rare.

9. Winter Home to catch the Endangered black-necked crane:

Winter Home to catch the Endangered black-necked crane

As for Bhutan, winter is the good time to catch the endangered of the black-necked crane in their winter. Wonderful time for mushroom picking is in the Phobjika Valley and in summer. If you are here you can capture to seek solace or for spirituality reasons, there is even a Matsutaka Mushroom Festival, and to catch the glimpse of the rainbows which is over the valleys.

10. During a Festival you can time your arrival:

During a Festival you can time your arrival

The popular ones of the festivals are such as the Paro and in Thimphu Tshechu that happen during the high tourist’s season. But of course, there are numerous festivals occurring throughout the year in Bhutan. As for your memorable trip festivals in Bhutan usually showcases the colourful dances in elaborate costumes, with the Bhutanese in attendance dressed to their best and that to unsurprisingly, tend to be the huge tourists draws.

11. Other Interest of Festival Catering:

Other Interest of Festival Catering

There are also some of the ranges of other festivals, apart from the religious festivals that are catering to the other interests, such as the Rhododendron Festival, Black Necked Crane Festival, Royal Highlander Festival, Ura Matsusake Mushroom Festival and the Haa Summer Festival. If you are considering for a lesser known village, or for a more intimate experience you can go catering the interests of the festivals.

12. Travellers can consider as a Home Stay:

Travellers can consider as a Home Stay

To be frank, as for the travellers this is a suggestion which is often met with the mixed response, with that given the amount of the money spent on the trip. Also, the travellers would want to unwind in the comfort of the hotel rooms. Some of the others, however, also love the authenticity of staying with their local family and having the firsthand experiences of what daily like is to be for the Bhutanese.

13. Memorable to Build Up your Vacation:

Memorable to Build Up your Vacation

As the official language of Bhutan is Dzonghkha, but most of the Bhutanese are fluent in English as that is the medium so far for the educational purposes and so for communication which shouldn’t be a problem for the travellers if you are going around with an English communication guide.

14. Travelling by Car from Valley to Valley and Destinations to Destinations:

Travelling by Car from Valley to Valley and Destinations to Destinations

In Bhutan trip to make your days as a memory is in your car as much of your time will be spent in the car travelling to the various destinations.

15. Sightseeing Travelling drive:

Sightseeing Travelling drive

After driving through this country which is so beautiful and possibly experiencing a homestay with a local family, as considering your trip with a pampering, luxurious stay in a 5 star accommodation such as in Uma Paro, in where the actors Tony Leung and Carina Lau also got married, with their overlooking charming to the Paro Valley.

16. Handcrafted Stores to explore in Bhutan:

Handcrafted Stores to explore in Bhutan

Visitors who are travelling for the first time would be able to pay via the credit card and at most of the hotels and also at the handcrafted stores as you will like to visit the stores of the handicraft.

17. Why not enjoy the Music of the Place While you are in your Drive:

Why not enjoy the Music of the Place While you are in your Drive

To enjoy your music one of the best radio stations are for Western songs are 92, 965 and 99.9 FM. It will also give you the pleasure of listening and to enjoy the local music on other local stations on the radio.

18. Shopping Discounts at Bhutan:

Shopping Discounts at Bhutan

You can haggle out in most of the shops but you cannot expect more than the 10% discounts on your shopping. But generally speaking as for Bhutan shopping prices, between the shops don’t differ substantially.

19. Have the Local Dishes and take back the Restaurant as Your Memorable Go:

Have the Local Dishes and take back the Restaurant as Your Memorable Go

In most of the restaurants and in hotels, unlike as for the Western countries, you don’t have to tip in the restaurants, unlike for the Western countries. The guide with you will take care of the tipping on your behalf.



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