Top 28 Most Trusted Travel Agencies in Jaigaon

Jaigaon: The passage to Bhutan

Jaigaon is a small town in Jalpaiguri district in the state of West Bengal. Sharing the border with the ‘land of happiness’, Jaigaon is the main entrance to get in to Bhutan through India. Phuentsholing, the second largest city of Bhutan lies on the other side of the gate which separates the little town of Indian province from that of Bhutan. The tourists exploring Bhutan by road usually tend to spend a night on either side of the border as the entry passes are given in the morning from Bhutan.

Jaigaon is a mercantile hub, because the trading group from transporters to distributors, whole sellers flocks the local market, serving mainly to Bhutanese clientele and tourists. The little bustling town has so much more to provide in terms of exploring the other side of the mysterious mountainous kingdom of Bhutan. This little town accommodates a number of reliable travel agencies, through which you can opt for the best tour package to Bhutan at exclusive offers and prices.

Travel agency in Jaigaon caters to the need of each and every traveler desiring to explore the blissful and serene little kingdom. From booking a hotel to hiring a car, the experienced Jaigaon travel agency provides the excellent services in cost effective travel packages. Residing closer to Bhutan, the travel agents are well aware of the formalities and procedures to get in to the foreign land, they are well versed with Dzongkha language, English, Nepalese, Hindi, and Bangla, as compared to Dzongkha speaking clan. Thus, opting for Jaigaon travel agency would make your travel to Bhutan easier and a pleasant one. So, I am providing you the list of Top 28 Most Trusted Travel Agencies in Jaigaon, which you may prefer to choose for your next Bhutan tour.

1. B.K Tour and Travels:

B.K Tour and Travels

Providing excellent and exclusive Tour Packages in Jaigaon and in the major cities of Bhutan like Thimpu, Paro, Trongsa, Bumthang, etc. B.K Tour and Travels is one of the most experienced and the trusted travel agency in Jaigaon. Established more than 15 years ago, they offer Holiday Tour Packages, Domestic and International Air Tickets, Train Tickets, Hotel Booking, Car Rentals, and also the valid Entry Permits to Bhutan.

2. Travel and Living:

Travel and Living

Travel and Living is one of the most reliable and organized travel and tourism experts in Jaigaon. They specialize in arranging tours to Bhutan. You can rely upon them for making itineraries, managing budget, choosing activities and sightseeing places with in specific period, booking a comfortable hotel room, renting a perfect car, booking a flight and train tickets. If you are travelling to Bhutan, all the services mentioned here will be included in the tour package, which are time-efficient and cost effective.

3.Jaigaon Tour and Travels:

Jaigaon Tour and Travels

Possessing the experience for fourteen years, Jaigaon Tour and Travels is one of the reputed Jaigaon based travel agency. Their strength is their obsession with the quality, due to which they provide the excellent services to their clients. If you desire to explore Bhutan, then the travel package they provide is committed to your safety, security, satisfaction and flexibility. They believe that the excellent holidays is not just about seeing new places, but totally experiencing them.

4. Menorik Travels:

Menorik Travels

Menorik Travels is one of the best travel administrator based in Jaigaon that provides amazing experience of traveling to the tranquil and mysterious realm of Bhutan. The qualified and experienced individuals have a complete understanding of the travel formalities of Bhutan, thus they provide an excellent tour package and itineraries for those who are traveling to Bhutan at a very budget friendly cost, covering the major sightseeing places and the exciting activities to indulge in to within a stipulated time.

5. Ganesh Tour and Travels:

Ganesh Tour and Travels

Specializing in the field of tourism business since eight years, Ganesh Tours and Travels is one of the most efficient tour operators in Jaigaon. They provide excellent luxury tour which will cover the significant features that Bhutan has to offer. Achieving the expertise in sustaining the customer service, Ganesh Tour and Travels provides a wide range of customized holiday tours for Bhutan and other adjoining regions. They book the good hotels and arrange national and international flight tickets, train tickets and most reliable car rentals in Bhutan.

6. First Choice Tour and Travels:

First Choice Tour and Travels

Offering the best holiday packages, hotel bookings, car rental, and ticketing services, First Choice Tour and Travel is one of the most reputed Jaigaon based travel agency. They provide quality travel service for various destinations like Bhutan, Dooars, Sikkim, Darjeeling and Nepal. Travel alone or travel in a group, travelling is always fulfilling and fun when you book your holiday with First Choice Tour and Travels. While travelling to Bhutan, they will also take provide you a valid permit for getting in to Bhutan.

7. Raj Tours and Travels:

Raj Tours and Travels

Raj Tour and Travels in an excellent choice for obtaining the best trip in Bhutan. It is one of the most reliable travel agency in Jaigaon which possess the experience of catering the needs of travelers exploring the realm of Bhutan and other regions. They assist you with your ticket booking, car rentals, hotel booking, organizing sightseeing and interesting activities in Bhutan. Providing the luxurious tour package at an affordable price, they cater the hassle free journey and tailored an itinerary, which makes your vacation a cheerful and memorable one.

8. Shalom Tours and Travels:

Shalom Tours and Travels

Shalom Tour and Travels specializes in a wide range of modified tour package for Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, and Darjeeling. Based in Jaigaon is it one of the most responsible and trusted travel agencies. Living closer to the realm of the mountainous kingdom, they are well related with the tour operators of the other side and thus they are well aware of the entry procedures and formalities of Bhutan. They also assist you in Hotel booking, car rental, air and train tickets reservation.

9. Maruti Tour and Travels:

Maruti Tour and Travels

Based in Jaigaon, Maruti Tour and Travels is one of the most expert and trusted travel operator. They offer an exhilarating tour packages to present you the best features of the extraordinary province of Bhutan. Their services are car rental, ticket booking for Domestic and International flights, trains, hotel booking, preparing an ideal itinerary, and availing the valid entry permit to Bhutan. Since many years, they have been providing their clients a unique and authentic, blissful, and uplifting experience.

10. Green Heaven Tourism:

Green Heaven Tourism

Specializing in wide range of customized services, vacation trips and exclusive holiday tours to Bhutan and Dooars, Green Heaven Tour and Travel operator in Jaigaon is one of the most reliable and professional service providers. Offering a perfect tour package at exclusive and budget friendly cost, they aid you in budget maintenance, organizing an amazing tour itinerary for you, your family and friends. We provide car rental service, air and train tickets, hotel bookings and other travel related service.

11.Manakamana Tours and Travels:

Manakamana Tours and Travels

Aiming at promoting tourism in India and Bhutan, Manakamana Tours and travels is one of the most reputed and skilled tour and travel agency in Jaigaon. They offer a complete, cost-effective and customized tour packages, presenting the best features of Bhutan and India. They deal in different tour package as per your desire. They organize Hotel booking, flight tickets and Indian Railway tickets. Other services like car rental service and any travel related services and provided by them at a very cost effective price.

12. Bhutan Travel World:

Bhutan Travel World

Among many other travel operators, Bhutan Travel World is one of the most reliable and experienced travel company in Jaigaon. Your journey towards Bhutan will be easier with the customized tour packages and exclusive services offered by them. Travel related services like Taxi services, hotel bookings, train and flight tickets, and trekking tours are well organized by them. Bhutan Tour and Travels, ensures a hassle free and perfect dream vacation in Bhutan.

13. Gemini Tours and Travels:

Gemini Tours and Travels

Gemini Tours and Travels in one of the best and reputed travel operator in Jaigaon. Sharing the border with Bhutan, Gemini Tours and Travels extend forwards their hands to aid you to explore the dragon kingdom of Bhutan. They have an immense expertise in arranging the tours to Bhutan; also they are well aware of the formalities and well versed with Dzongkha language, who can communicate well with the certified travel agents of the other side, in order to know more about the foreign land. They provide exquisite tour packages and all the travel related services at an affordable price.

14. Himavat:


Experience the mountainous realm replete with rich cultural heritage and history as far back as possible with Himavat, your complete eco trip planner based in Jaigaon. Trusted as one of the most reputed and reliable travel agency of Jaigaon, Himavat emphasizes to ensure that tours are the excellent value for money, and they strive hard in providing customer satisfaction. They carefully selects the departure dates that compliments a wide range of tour itineraries in various parts of Bhutan.

15. Himalayan High:

Himalayan High

Himalayan High is one of the notorious travel and tour operator based in Jaigaon. Aiming to promote the pure Himalayan Adventures, the Himalayan High is an excellent medium to enter into the realm of the mountain kingdom. The motive behind Himalayan High is to take people to experience the Himalayas by adventurous activities lie Trekking, Mountaineering, Biking, etc. Apart from the adventure, they provide support and flexible tailored made itineraries, and ensure a quality services to the wanderlust travelers.

16. R.S Travels:

R.S Travels

R.S Travels secures the most outstanding rank in travel and tour operation in Jaigaon. The tour package provided by them will satisfy you from within because they have been giving excellent services on holiday, educational, adventurous tours. Their travel package includes booking hotel rooms, car rentals, flight and train tickets, availing the entry permit to Bhutan.  So, come and get in touch and get the best planned trip for you along with each and every travel related service.

17. Agape Travels:

Agape Travels

Based in Jaigaon, Agape Tours and Travels is one of the most reliable tour operators in the border region. Focusing on the necessities of a client, they provide excellent tour package in Bhutan. Their tailored itineraries covers the most coveted sightseeing places and the thrilling and leisurely activities that one can enjoy without any haste. They aim at customer satisfaction. Their travel package includes permits, booking hotels, renting cabs, flight and railway tickets, etc.

18. Ragav Travels:

Ragav Travels

Avail to the best tour packages of Bhutan and discover the excellent destinations and the unexplored province of Bhutan with the aid of Ragav Travels. It is one of the most trusted and the most reputed travel operator in Jaigaon. They aim and emphasize in providing the excellent client service so that they can enjoy the cheerful and memorable vacation in Bhutan. Their exclusive services include sightseeing places, booking hotel, car rentals, and flight bookings and obtaining the permits.

19. Druk Tour and Travels:

Druk Tour and Travels

Serving the clients for many years, Druk Tour and Travel has gained one of the significant positions in the travel and tour world. Regarded as one of the best travel industries in Jaigaon, they cater to the demands and desires of the travels that are on a quest of adventure and serenity. They provide the excellent tour packages that catered the interests of the client at a stipulated time without constraining their budget. Your travel to Bhutan can be easier with Druk Tour and Travels, as they are committed and emphasizes in customer service.

20. Dooars Bhutan Tours:

Dooars Bhutan Tours

Dooars Bhutan Tours is one of the most prominent tour operators in Jaigaon. Catering to the needs of every customer for many years, they have become the experts in specializing the tours and travels in an excellent manner. They provide the luxury tour packages to Bhutan at an affordable price. Other services are car rentals, flight and train tickets, hotel booking, and availing permits for Bhutan tours.

21. Wind Horse Tours:

Wind Horse Tours

Serving the customers since 1998, Wind Horse Travels is one of the most established and famous tour operators of Jaigaon. Having an experience in the travel operation for more than fourteen years, they provide customized trips to Bhutan. With their expertise and dedication, they offer tailored itineraries that involve the major activities, celebrations, and adventurous activities, leisurely activities that cater to the interests of different individuals with various age differences.

22. Anand Tour and Travels:

Anand Tour and Travels

Specialist in Bhutan Tours, Anand Tours and Travels is one of the most reliable travel operators in Jaigaon. Keeping in mind all the requirements of the clients, they have customized travel package to Bhutan, which includes car hire, hotel bookings, flight and train bookings, sightseeing and shopping hubs, cuisines to try, activities to indulge in and other travel related services. The itineraries are hassle free and cover the most significant vicinities of Bhutan for sightseeing in a specified period of time.

23. Dragon Hill Tour and Travels:

Dragon Hill Tour and Travels

Dragon Hill Tours and Travels has expertise in the field of tourism, they are very reliable and professional tour and travel operator of Jaigaon. Their team has complete information and qualification of proper customer service, and values their choices and opinions. Thus the tour packages prepared here will give you the most memorable tour experience of your life in the mountainous kingdom of Bhutan. The tour packages they organize are affordable and time saving. They even organize adventure activities like Mountain Biking, Paragliding, Camping, Rafting, Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking, etc.

24. All Ways Tours and Travels:

All Ways Tours and Travels

Based in Jaigaon as well as in Bhutan, All Ways Tours and Travels is one of the most reputed travel agency that you can rely upon for your next Bhutan Tour. With their commitment to deliver the very best possible services they truly make you dream come true by far exceeding your expectations. They offer a wide range of tour packages like as per travelers’ interest and requirements.

25. Come On Holidays:

Come On Holidays

Based in Jaigaon, Come On Holidays is on of the most reputed travel operator that has been catering to the necessity of customers since long ago. The expert and qualified team always strive harder and best to meet the demands of the clients. So, if you want to have a pleasant and memorable holiday in Bhutan, you can opt for the tour packages offered by Come On Holidays, because the tour itineraries designed by them are flexible and affordable. Other services that are related to travel are available 24*7.

26. Eden Tours and Travels, Jaigaon:

Eden Tours and Travels, Jaigaon

Exploring Bhutan with ease and comfort is what every traveler dreams of. Well, let your dreams of exploring a new realm may come true with Eden Tours and Travels, a jaigaon based travel operator. Offering the travel related services; they have been heading towards the climax since long. The tour packages, tailored itineraries, car rentals, ticket bookings for flights and train, hotel bookings are the key services provided by them. They will also take charges of your valid tour permit to Bhutan.

27. Bhutan Kingdom Tours and Travels:  

Bhutan Kingdom Tours and Travels

Bhutan Kingdom Tour and Travels is one of the most reliable travel operator in Jaigaon. Offering a wide array of customized tour packages to Bhutan, they cater the best services to the clients. They aim in providing the exotic features of the mountainous Kingdom in order to make your vacation a blissful one. The tour package includes Booking hotels in Bhutan, Booking International Flights, car hire and other travel related supports and services.

28. Green Dragon Tours and Travels:

Green Dragon Tours and Travels

Green Dragon Tour and Travels is one of the best online travel agency in Jaigaon. The experts and group of professionals are available to help you choose the best travel experience of your life. They provide safe and comfortable trip to Bhutan, with exclusive tour packages and customized itineraries in sustainable price. You can rely upon their commitments without any hesitation or any tension regarding the arrangement of your tour. They arrange everything for your journey like booking flight or train tickets, hotel bookings and hiring a car. Besides, they will arrange sightseeing tours and adventurous activities.

So, above is the list of most trusted tour operators of Jaigaon. We suggest you to opt for the tour operators from Jaigaon, because as they live closer sharing a border, the travel agencies in Jaigaon are well aware of the immigration formalities for the tourists. Apart from that, the tour permit has to be obtained before entering Bhutan, thus it would be beneficial for the travelers to opt for Jaigaon tour operators for easily obtaining the permits and also the travel agencies possess a better knowledge about the neighboring region, their culture, sightseeing places, cuisines, must to do things, etc. and keeping those things in mind, and focusing on the desires of the explorers travel itineraries are being prepared. So, I believe you all will rely upon only the trusted travel operators for your amazing and blissful vacation in the Land of Happiness.



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