9 Facts You Need to Know Before Choosing Bhutan Tour Itinerary

Between the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and India, lies a small Himalayan country known as Bhutan. For most of the visitors, besides the stunning natural scenery, the enduring image of the country has the strong sense of culture and the tradition that binds the kingdom and clearly distinguishes it from its larger neighbors. Bhutan is the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation in the world and the profound teachings of these traditions remain well preserved and they exert a strong influence in all the aspects of their daily life. Tourists are attracted to this place due to its pristine environment and the harmonious society. This is why the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan has been called “The Last Shangri La.”

Why Planning for Bhutan Travelling?

Bhutan has been tucked away in the Himalayas, in the mystery and folklore for the longest time. A nation where the success of the economy is measured in Gross National Happiness and where the Buddhist way of the life merges with the modernity, Bhutan is home to stunning views of the Himalayas, peaceful Buddhist monasteries and fun loving people around the country which brings joy to the visitors at this unknown country. But if you are planning a trip to Bhutan then here is some of the Bhutan tour packages itineraries that you need to keep in mind before you embark on your trip.

What is the Best Time to Visit?

It is a place ideal for year round trip but the best time to visit Bhutan is either in the spring that is from the months of March to June or autumn that lasts from September to November. This is the time when it draws a lot of tourists because of the dance festivals which is the Tsechu Festival. Between the months of March to May, trekkers should travel to catch the mountains blooming with flowers, and the period between September and November is best for to catch breathtaking views of the mountains.

Though the monsoon season is considered to be an off-season, the months of July & August are ideal for a trip to Bhutan. The country during monsoon is covered by looming clouds that lends the surroundings a majestic view worth admiring. Those who are interested in nature and photography, monsoon is the perfect time for them to visit Bhutan as the rain showers in Bhutan are not very heavy and will not affect your Bhutan trip itinerary but will rather enrich your experience while you’re there.

Bhutan Travel Itinerary to Keep in Mind

Bhutan’s traditions and its rich culture guarantee a unique experience for the visitors. Untouched by the influencers of the modern world, it is also essential that your trip is planned and is operated by the travel agent that you choose for with utmost care and forethought; as the country operates on a strict entry policy and all the visitors must be accompanied by a driver and a guide. Our specialist’s travel agent has access to all the detailed, first-hand knowledge of Bhutan and has worked very hard to find the country’s most knowledgeable guides for your trip. Bhutan travel itinerary suggestions provided below, give you an idea of the possible destinations and things to be carried that would be needed by you and what works particularly well.

1. Carrying the Right Types of Clothes:

Carrying the Right Types Of Clothes

Winter can swing over to 10 to 15 degree Celsius so the weather in Bhutan highly unpredictable throughout the year. So it is important to pack clothing which you can wear in layers. Also in summer, it is normal to expect 27 degree Celsius during the day and 12 degrees in the evening after a rain shower. Hence it is always important to carry a light jacket with you or a sweat shirt to wear in the evening. Packing the clothes that can be worn in layers is very important as the settlements in Bhutan are located at 2000 to 3000 meters above the sea level.

2. Walking Shoes for Your Comfortable Walk:

Walking Shoes For Your Comfortable Walk

To enjoy the beauty of the Bhutan site instead of any sort of pain on your feet, you will be required to walk to monasteries, Dzongs etc wearing your comfortable shoes that will ensure a comfortable journey. But, it is known that you will be traveling in a car for substantial amounts of your tour in Bhutan.

3. You Must Carry A Sun Block of SPF 50:

You Must Carry A Sun Block of SPF 50

As most of the popular tourist a destination in Bhutan is above the sea level at 2000 meters and as we have all learned in school the Earth’s atmospheres protects us from the ultra violet rays of the Sun. At Bhutan, above the altitude, the protection which comes from the atmosphere is reduced and therefore even a short period in the sun can result in a sun burn so applying strong Sun Block is a must and it is being noticed that SPF 50 should be recommended rather than SPF 30 at the very least.

4.  Accommodation in Boutique Hotels:

Accommodation in Boutique Hotels

Sometimes guest face problem in booking the budget hotels Bhutan but our travel agent has connection with many great little boutique hotels as well as normal hotels. Many of them have started operating during the last few years so take your time, do your own research, tells your agent what you want in particular when it comes to your choice regarding a hotel and they will do the needful for you. Beware that you choose luxury hotels with all the basic amenities that should be there in your hotel. You can rely on your Bhutan travel agent to decide with your cost budget.

5. A Variety of More Food:

A variety of More Food

The food was a topic of complaint whenever an exit survey was done in the past, but in the recent times, more variety of foods are available in Bhutan. Tourists can leave it up to the travel agent to decide the menu and they decide it based on the price and eventually, you can decide your food plates on your taste. Restaurants are available and you can tell your travel agent to take you there that is within the budget. But do keep in mind that in some of the restaurants which are expensive, you may have to also pay a small additional fee which is worth it.

6. Accessories to Carry, Sunglasses:

Accessories to Carry, Sunglasses

To protect your eyes from the bright strong sunlight it is necessary for you to carry sunglasses with you to look good in your picture as well.

7. Must Carry Hat:

 Must Carry Hat

Hats are a must carry, to protect you from the strong sun described earlier and especially if you are going to hike or trek in Bhutan. It is also the good thing to carry in your trip if it is raining or snowing.

8. Insect Repellents in the Evening:

Insect Repellents in the Evening

In the summer and in the monsoon months it is necessary, especially there are insects in Bhutan which can leave you scratching for the days and therefore it is advisable to use insect repellents in the evening, which is a small tube of insect repellent that will ensure a scratch free holiday.

9. Good Photography, Good Camera:

Good Photography, Good Camera

Going to Bhutan, it is a country where the roads are bendy and hence, store a fantastic camera to click moments for you. It is to give you an advice that does not rely on your phone camera unless you have phones with a great camera. Carry a decent camera and you will not regret in your trip.

Tour Itinerary Bhutan Recommended

Would like to refer & recommend the itinerary for those who want to travel to Bhutan. Normally, the travel agent packages include this package tour that could be in your affordable budget and cost effective itinerary. Here we will give an idea of your Bhutan itinerary in brief.

Day One: Arrive Paro and then drive to Thimphu.

Day Two: Thimpu sightseeing places with Chari Monastery hike.

Day Three: Drive to Wangdue and sightseeing in Punakha/Wangdue.

Day Four: Trek to Khotokha, overnight stay at the monastery.

Day Five: Trek to Phobjikha.

Day Six: Drive to Bumthang.

Day Seven: Bumthang Sightseeing.

Day Eight: Drive back to Thimphu.

Day Nine: Early morning drive to Paro and hike to Tigers Nest and then depart.



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